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When row 21 is actually row 9: The method behind airline row numbersCNN Out of the Office
United is doing some row renumbering, so I thought it was a good time to take a look at why that matters.

In the Trenches: Designing A WorkspaceIntuit Small Business Blog
I’ve been trying to create a good workspace for myself over the years, and there are a few things I’ve learned in that quest.

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4 comments on “Cranky on the Web (May 2 – 6)

  1. I always thought the row 13 or in building floor 13 not being there was stupid. All that meant was the row behind 12 or the floor about 12 was still the 13th. What’s the difference? Just because you don’t see the number doesn’t mean it not the 13th.

    Do people count their parking spaces to make sure they are not parked in the 13th spot? Do people ask the cashier at a store if they are their 13th customer? Whoops, now watch people start doing that if they read this…

  2. Continental/The New United seems to have a really nice logical way of numbering the rows. Sure it might not make sense unless you know the reason behind it, but at least it has a clear purpose..

    Thats gotta be a fun night at the RONs as they renumber everything..

  3. I fly frequently Between South Africa and London and find that the rows don’t matter to me. I just take a sleeping tablet and get going. Wake up at the destination, why are people so fussed about the row they sit in?

    1. A good part of this is for the airlines as well as the customers. This way it is easier for United to swap aircraft as needed without having to mess with seat assignments much.

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