Topic of the Week: Best Airline Press Release Titles

Cathay Pacific

When I was working for America West, my favorite press release title had to be the one proclaiming “Mule Promoted to Head Customer Service.” I may have the wording a little off, but the point was that Anthony Mulé had been given the job and there was no accent in the subject line. Yep, good one.

So what am I bringing this up? I saw a great press release from Cathay Pacific yesterday:

Cathay Pacific Offers First Class Service from Chicago to Hong Kong Starting at Just US$10,241 – Roundtrip!

Ah yes, it’s “just” five figures. That may be a good deal, but are we really shouting that from the rooftops with an exclamation point? Apparently so.

Anyone else have any good airline releases they’ve seen over the years?

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12 comments on “Topic of the Week: Best Airline Press Release Titles

  1. When I was writing for Aviation Daily and Delta Air Lines had the slogan “Delta’s Ready When You Are” … it was an early time of merger frenzy and I reported that Delta was interested in talking to Northeast Airlines. I gave this headline to the article …


  2. I was just thinking about this myself. Midwest Express was the Cadillac of all the airlines. Now, since taken over by Frontier, they really turned the airline into junk! A piece of painted plywood seperates the first class from standard seating. Everyone was first class with Midwest Express, and was given tasty, quality meals. Attendant service was personal, and very friendly. Not anymore!!!

    1. Frontier Airlines didn’t “take over” Midwest. Republic airlines did. And Midwest Airlines no longer exists, so I’m not sure what “plywood” airline you’re speaking about. Especially since Frontier airlines doesn’t have first class, and never has.

  3. I always liked Spirit Airlines fare sales like this one…

    Spirit Airlines Announces “We’re No Virgin” Sale

    Miramar, Florida (August 12, 2009) – Spirit Airlines this afternoon launched its “We’re No Virgin – We’ve Been Cheap and Easy For Years” sale with fares from only $9* each way between Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles and many other destinations.

  4. That’s not an odd headline at all….considering it’s not uncommon for CX customers to pay 10k USD for full-fare J class round-trip to JFK from HKG. So an extra $500 looks like a pretty good deal for CX’s F, which is one of the best in the world.

  5. I was wondering if any of you know about the airline in South Africa called Kulula ? Its so funny to watch their ads etc. Just check them out on youtube. Their show ZANEWS if also very funny. Puppets that are depicting our political arena. You must find it. It will make your day.

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