Topic of the Week: 2010 Travel Summary


It’s the last day of the year, so it’s always fun to look back on your travels, right? Here’s my summary, and you can see it was kind of a boring year compared to some previous ones. How’d you do?

Miles: 34,202 (23,452 last year)
Segments: 26 (34)
New Aircraft: Embraer 170
New Airlines: Republic (operating as Frontier), Shuttle America (operating as United)
New Airports: Auckland
Most Common Aircraft: A320/A319 (6 flights each)
Most Common Airline: Frontier
Most Common Airport: LAX
Most Common Non-Directional Route: Long Beach-Denver (3 times)

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59 comments on “Topic of the Week: 2010 Travel Summary

  1. In the first year where I actually flew a lot

    Miles: 94,284 (last year: 38,992)
    Segments: 150 (last year: 38)
    New Aircraft: A319, B734, B738, B744, E175, E145, DC94, DC95, MD90
    New Airlines: Freedom, Chautauqua, Shuttle America, SkyWest, Alaska, Compass
    New Airports: 32 (Furthest from home was HKG)
    Most Common Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas MD-88 (31)
    Most Common Airline: Delta Air Lines (100)
    Most Common Airport: Atlanta (32)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: DAY-ATL (36)

    1. Miles: 90,720
      Segments: 85
      New Aircraft: A321
      New Airline: Frontier
      New Airports: None
      Most Common Aircraft: B757
      Most Common Airline: Delta
      Most Common Airport: ATL
      Most Common Non-Directional Route: WAS-ATL

  2. Miles: 57,288 (last year: 33,087)
    Segments: 34 (last year: 20)
    New Aircraft: none (although I flew a DC-9 twice, and the time before was at least 10 years ago)
    New Airlines: Cathay Pacific, Air Asia
    New Airports: RGN, LHR
    Most Common Aircraft: Boeing 757 (6)
    Most Common Airline: Delta Air Lines (19)
    Most Common Airport: Pittsburgh (13)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: PIT-MSP and MSP-SEA (5 each)

  3. Miles: 37,524
    Segments: 14
    New Aircraft: Airbus 380
    New Airlines: Qantas
    New Airports: AKL, ASP, AYQ, CNS, SYD
    Most Common Aircraft: Boeing 737
    Most Common Airline: Qantas, Southwest (5)
    Most Common Airport: IAD
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: IAD-MDW

  4. Miles: 158391
    Segments: 62
    New Aircraft: Q400
    New Airports: MEX, ZCL, PUW, ABQ, MSY, KIX, HNL, BOM
    Most Common Aircraft: 757, 738
    Most Common Airline: Delta
    Most Common Airport: LAX
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: LAX-DTW, LAX-SLC

  5. Huh, and I thought I had my first year with a lot. Actually, I had a fair amount last year but this was the first year I was able to concentrate on an airline and get some status out of it.

    Miles: 54920
    Segments: 55
    New Airport: SLC, PDX
    Most Common Aircraft: CRJ 700
    Home Airport: SAT
    Most Common Other: LAX
    Most Common Airline: Even split UA, CO, US (COFF)

    And starting off the year finding out that UA cut my early AM SAT-LAX flight (boo) in favor of CO routes through IAH. And starting with two trips SAT-SFO and SAT-LAX-SFO-SAT.

  6. Here’s mine:

    Miles: 20,871 (13,129 last year)
    Segments: 16 (14)
    New Aircraft: Embraer 170 & 190
    New Airlines: China Airlines
    New Airports: Anchorage, Providence
    Most Common Aircraft: Canadair CRJ
    Most Common Airline: Delta and China Airlines
    Most Common Airport: BUF
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: JFK-BUF/BUF-JFK (2x each)

  7. My miles went down after my job changed, and I am afraid I am a ‘one-year wonder’ with my status…

    Last year miles: 38,909
    This year miles: 21,025
    Segments: 25
    New Airlines: none
    Most Common Airline: Air Canada / Air Canada Jazz
    New Aircraft: none
    Common Aircraft: A320 Family (A319 7 times)
    Common Airports: YYZ, YYC
    Common route: YYZ-YUL
    Longest Route: YYC-YHZ (2334 mi)
    Shortest Route: YVR-YYJ (39 mi)
    New Airports: YYJ (Victoria), YEG (Edmonton), YXE (Saskatoon), YQR (Regina)

  8. Hey Cranky, this was a really cool idea!

    Miles: 58,011
    Segments: 36
    New Aircraft: B737-800, B717, ATR-72 (I try to avoid turboprops/RJs like the plague but had no choice on one route this year)
    New Airlines: Hawaiian Airlines
    New Airports: AMA, HNL, LGA, KOA, GOI (Goa, India)
    Most Common Aircraft: MD80
    Most Common Airline: AA
    Most Common Airport: DFW
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: Tie between DFW-ORD-DFW and DEL-HYD-DEL

  9. I need to track mine better like y’all:

    Miles: 68,428
    Legs: 72
    Home: SYR
    Airline: CO, UA. (Star Alliance) – 2 w/ Delta
    Aircraft: ERJ 145 – Q200 close 2nd
    New: B777
    Most Frequent route: SYR – BHX (4 x’s)

  10. Only domestic travel.
    Miles: 221,360 (115124)
    Segments: 144 (101)
    Home: SFO
    Airline: UAL
    New Airline: CO
    New Airport: MEM
    New Aircraft: 737-900
    Most Common Aircraft: 757/320
    Most Common Non-directional Route: SFO – DEN

  11. Miles: 54,634
    Segments: 60
    New Aircraft: None
    New Airlines: Malaysia Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, AirAsia
    New Airports: TPE, KUL, DPS, JOG, AUS
    Most common aircraft: CRJ-200 (11 flights, UGH!)
    Most common airline: Delta
    Most common airport: DCA
    Most common route: ATL-DCA (4 times)
    Longest flight (distance): LAX-TPE (6,794 miles)
    Shortest flight (distance): BDL-JFK (106 miles)

  12. I don’t know if anyone’s interested, but here’s mine!
    Miles 37,894 (35095)
    Segments 28 (30)
    New Aircraft Dash 8 Q400, Mad Dogs
    New Airlines AA AB AS BE
    Most Common Aircraft Airbus A321 (6 flights)
    Most Common Airline LH
    Most Common Airport FRA-HAM (10 flights)

  13. This is the first year since 1988 that I have not flown a single mile! Would have flown a few times in December if it hadn’t been for the snow that manages to cripple the UK with slightest dusting! Will make up for it next year!

  14. Miles 36,110
    Segments: 35
    New Aircraft: A318 (F9)
    New Airlines: None
    New Airports: KOA, OGG, OMA, PSG, WRG
    Most Common Aircraft: 737-800
    Most Common Airline AS
    Most Common Airport: SEA

  15. Miles: 15,645 (29,449 last year)
    Segments: 17 (26 last year)
    New Aircraft: E190
    New Airlines: none
    New Airports: RSW
    Most Common Aircraft: 737
    Most Common Airline: CO (41% by segments, 43% by miles)
    Most Common Airport: EWR

    1. Forgot route – I was all over the map this year, only had one route flown more than once; EWR-MCO, twice.

      And I guess technically I had a new airline – first time I flew on Colgan. But I track by “marketing” airline, not lift providers.

      Unemployment killed off my travel this year…actually, I’ve been down every year since 2006 (50,864 miles, 49 segments), although I was above 40k in ’07 and ’08.

  16. Miles: 162,538
    Segments: 183
    New Aircraft: 747
    New Airlines: JetBlue, Hawaiian, British Airways
    New Airports: LIH, HNL, AUS, ABQ, PIB, SRQ, DAB, FLL, CPH
    Most Common Regional Aircraft: CRJ200
    Most Common Mainline Aircraft: MD80
    Most Common Airline: Delta (27.3% of flying)
    Most Common Airport: DCA
    Most Common Route: DCA-DFW

  17. Miles: ~63,673 including award flights (52,145 last year)
    Segments: 27 (? last year)
    New Aircraft: A340
    New Airlines: Air France, Hawaiian Air
    New Airports: CDG, KOA, MCO, MCI
    Most Common Aircraft: A319/320 or E175 I believe they are just about equal
    Most Common Airline: UA
    Most Common Airport: DEN
    Most Common Non-Directional Routing: DEN-YYZ (9 times!)

  18. Maybe you should have all included how many times your flight was delayed, cancelled (one -L- or two?). I guess next year you’ll need to include how many times you were felt up by a TSA agent…..LOL

  19. Miles: ~75,000
    Segments: ~50
    New Aircraft: 717
    New Airlines: Air Tran, China Southern
    New Airports: OKC,OMA,HKG,MAA,HSL
    Most Common Aircraft: 737
    Most Common Airline: either AS or DL
    Most Common Airport: TYS
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: TYS-ATL or FAI-ANC

  20. Wow mine is nothing compared to everyone else. Mine is just vacations not for work!!

    Miles:16,330 (13,076 last year)
    Segments: 15
    New Aircraft: Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-500
    New Airlines: Airtran
    New Airports: Madison (MSN)
    Common Aircraft: A320 4 flights
    Most Common Airline: Delta/USAirways Tied
    Most Common Airport: ORD/PHX tied
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: All the same 1 time each

    Delayed 2 times 1 ORD-PHX snow storm night before plane needed to be deiced delayed 30 minutes and arrived early. 1 time ORD-EWR weather on east coast delayed 45 minutes

    Felt up by TSA agent twice once at Madison and once at Sarasota/Bradenton

  21. Miles: 15843
    Segments: 24
    New Aircraft: a318 (f9), dc940 (dl)
    New Airlines: UA (as far as I can remember it’s new)
    New Airports: DTW
    Most Common Aircraft: crj-200
    Most Common Airline: Skywest dba UA and DL
    Most Common Airport: pdx
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: cos-den

  22. Miles: 153,695 DL & another 15K or so on other airlines
    Segments: 72 DL & 12 on other
    New Aircraft: I confess I do not know anything about the planes
    New Airlines: Southwest
    New Airports:LIS
    Most Common Aircraft: Do not know
    Most Common Airport: ATL
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: ATL-ORD

  23. Decelerated this year, largely thanks to getting married and having more excuses to stay at home. Also no travel for work.

    Miles: 30,231 (44,297 last year)
    Segments: 11 (18)
    New Aircraft: None (sniff!)
    New Airlines: OS
    New Airports: MXP, VIE
    Most Common Aircraft: 777 (3 flights)
    Most Common Airline: 4-way tie between UA, US, NH and DL (2x each), but had one UX flight which would pull the consolidated UA brand group slightly ahead
    Most Common Airport: NRT
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: NRT-SPN – only pairing flown twice this year

  24. I think I need to comment here less, and fly more.

    I managed to have a really slow travel year. I spent most of my “vacations” hosting friends and family from other towns, something I’m not going to do for a while.

    Miles: 1,356
    Segments: 2
    New Aircraft: None
    New Airlines: None
    New Airports: None :-(
    Most Common Aircraft: 737-400, although hit the jackpot and rode both the Salmon-Thirty-Salmon and the Spirit of Alaska Statehood planes.
    Most Common Airline: Alaska Airlines
    Most Common Airport: Tie between SEA and OAK
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: SEA-OAK

    I’m throwing in my Amtrak trips for the fun of it:
    Miles: 1,356
    Segments: 4
    New Equipment: Talgo trainset
    New Carrier: None, but I rubbed elbows with Via-Rail in Vancouver
    New Stations: Vancouver, British Columbia
    Most Common Equipment: Talgo trainset
    Most Common Carrier: Amtrak
    Most Common Station: SEA/VAC (Tie)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: SEA-VAC
    Most Common Source of Amtrak Points: Zipcar, with 1,981 points.

    1. Heck. I dont record my train travel….i should of course..anyone else record it?
      Great Southern: MEL-ADL
      Countrylink: Mel-ABX-Yass/CBR-SYD/Wollongong-SYD
      TranzRail: WLG-AKL/BHE-CHC
      Vline: Geelong-MEL (and back -twice)/MEL-SHT (find that location!)/BXG-MEL

  25. Miles 30,714
    segments 14 or 16 dont rember
    New Airlines Us Scarways I mean Airways dont ask
    New Aircraft Boeing 757 with the plug door not the over wing one
    New Airports KPHX PHX
    Most Common Aircraft 757-200
    Most Common Airline United
    Most Common Airport ABQ,OGG
    Most Common Trip OGG Thank you Family for living there
    and Happy new year to the people who got statice with airlines
    and happy new year in gen

  26. Well, being 15, I don’t yer have the opportunity to fly a whole lot, but here’s this year.
    Segments: 8 in 2 months
    New airlines: American Eagle, Alaska, United (my first non-southwest flights were this year)
    New airports: STL, RDU, BNA, DSM (this is my home airport but isn’t currently served by southwest, just airtran. Usually drive to MCI.)
    Most common aircraft: 737-700 tied with 737-300 (2 segments each)
    Most common airline: Southwest, 4 segments
    Most common airports: DSM, MCI, RDU, SEA each involving 2 segments
    New aircraft: ERJ-145, 737-900, 757-200, A319
    This march: adding MSP, MIA, SDQ, first time with mainline American Airlines, adding new a/c 737-800, 767-300

  27. Great idea, Cranky! It was a pretty interesting travel year for me.

    Miles: 102,000
    Segments: 67
    New Aircraft: ATR 72, EMB 120, Cessna GC 208
    New Airlines: Air China, Thai, Finnair, Czech Airlines, SAS, Go! Mokulele
    New Airports: KOA, BWI, IAD, BUF, LGA, BKK, SIN, NRT, XIY, ARN, HEL, PRG (Pretty even spread between Domestic, Asia and Europe)
    Most Common Aircraft: B757
    Most Common Airline: United (sigh..)
    Most Common Airport: PDX
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: PDX-ORD (Oh how I hate ORD!)

  28. BIS Miles: 173,735 (158,207 last year) – trending the wrong way!
    Segments: 104 (80)
    New Aircraft: Fokker 70, A332
    New Airlines: Jet Airways, Turkish, KLM, Continental (!)
    New Airports: YVR, CHS, BNA, IST, DEL, TPA, FAT, ICN, New HKG
    Most Common Aircraft (by segments): B757 (20 flights)
    Most Common Aircraft (by miles): B747 (40,310 miles in a 47)
    Most Common Airline: United
    Most Common Airport: SFO
    Most Common Route (by segments): San Francisco – Seattle (18 flights)
    Most Common Route (by miles): San Francisco – JFK

  29. Miles: 62,019 (33,546 last year)
    Segments: 19 (15)
    New Aircraft: None
    New Airlines: Ryanair, Horizon
    New Airports: Dublin (DUB), Flagstaff (FLG), Phuket (HKT)
    Most Common Aircraft: Boeing 777 (7 flights), A330 (6 flights)
    Most Common Airline: Asiana (OZ – 6 times @ 33,000miles)
    Most Common Airport: ICN
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: ICN-LHR (5 times)
    Longest flight: ICN – LAX (5,977)
    Average flight: 3,264

  30. Miles: 18,050 (21,485 last year)
    Segments: 14 (16)
    New Aircraft: Embraer 175, Boeing 777-200
    New Airlines: Compass Airlines (for Delta Connection)
    New Airports: Lexington, KY, Miami, Grand Cayman
    Most Common Aircraft: 757 (4 segments)
    Most Common Airline: Delta
    Most Common Airport: ATL & SMF
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: Sacramento-Atlanta (4 times)

  31. Miles: 7,758 (12,523 last year)
    Segments: 6 (12 last year)
    New Aircraft: Airbus A310
    New Airlines: Sata Internacional
    New Airports: Boston (I usually fly out of Providence), Ponta Delgada
    Most Common Aircraft: Boeing 737-700
    Most Common Airline: Southwest Airlines (4)
    Most Common Airport: Baltimore (4) Providence (4)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: BWI-PVD (4)

    1. I track mine by hand in Excel, since I’m a bit of a control freak and excel addict. Although, I suspect that most people let their frequent flier program track this for them.

    2. I actually have an Access database. (Yeah, I know.) But I also have used Flight Memory in the past. Great stuff.

      BTW, this has been a lot of fun seeing everyone’s travels this year.

  32. Love the idea Cranky (been tracking my miles too)
    Miles: 49,367 Miles
    Segments: 57
    New Aircraft: B777-200
    New Airlines: Virgin America (VX), Go! Mokulele (YV),
    New Airports: LGB, SDF, ABQ,
    Most Common Aircraft: Airbus A319, A320 (F9)
    Most Common Airline: Frontier (F9)
    Most Common Airport: DEN, SFO
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: DEN-SFO
    **100% NRSB travel**

  33. Miles: 30,311
    Segments: 34
    New Aircraft: Boeing 763, 744
    New Airlines: Republic (operating as Frontier), ASA
    New Airports: PDX, DLH, OMA, ATL, DCA, BOS, BTV, SJU, YVR
    Most Common Aircraft: CRJ-200
    Most Common Airline: Delta
    Most Common Airport: DTW
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: MBS-DTW and MBS-ORD

  34. Miles: 236,668
    Segments: 97
    New Aircraft: A380
    New Airlines: Aeroflot, China Eastern, Open Skies
    New Airports: Seychelles, Bremen
    Most Common Aircraft: B767
    Most Common Airline: Delta
    Most Common Airport: JFK
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: JFK – MAN

  35. Miles: 43,000 (25,000 least year)
    Segments: 27
    New Aircraft: None
    New Airlines: None
    New Airports: Moscow (DME) (2x), BOS
    Most Common Aircraft: A320
    Most Common Airline: United
    Most Common Airport: IAD, DEN
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: IAD to DEN

  36. The advantage (???????) of being in the Southern Hemisphere is that our travel distances mount up quickly.

    Miles: 125,772
    Kilometres: 202,410
    Segments: 90
    New Aircraft: None (although I had my second and third flights on the Airbus A380- My first had been with Singapore in December 2009, the second was with Qantas (pre grounding) and third Emirates (see my blog for details of the three experiences:

    New Airlines: Lan and Emirates (both brilliant airlines)
    New Airports: BHE (Blenheim, New Zealand), OOL (Coolangatta, Qld, Australia), RIC (Richmond, VA, USA), SJC (San Jose, CA, USA), TRG (Tauranga, New Zealand)
    Most Common Aircraft: B737 (27 flights with 35.394 km/21 000 mi approx )
    Aircraft with most miles: B747 (12 flights with 96.584 km/ 57 000 mi approx)
    Most Common Airlines: Qantas, United, AirTran/Air New Zealand
    Most Common Airports: SYD, MEL, AKL, LAX
    Most Common Routes: SYD-MEL and MEL-SYD (11 times each)

  37. Miles: 23696 (61256 in 2009)
    Segments: 6 (30)
    New Aircraft, Airlines: none
    New Airport: NRT
    Most Common Aircraft: 744 (2), 738 (2)
    Most Common Airline: US (2), UA (2), AS (2)
    Most Common Airport: LAX (5)
    Most Common Non-directional Route: LAX-NRT (2), LAX-DCA (2)

    Now my 2009 stats would have been more interesting, with 1 new aircraft (more if you count subtypes of 777), 2 new airlines, and 4 new airports. But that year was an outlier.

  38. Miles: 249,853 (256,071 last year)
    Segments: 132 (170)
    New Aircraft: Cessna Caravan
    New Airlines: Malev, Sounds Air
    New Airports: ABJ, ACC, BZE, CUR, DAM, GCM, NAS, OTP, PCN, SJO, SOF, STT
    Most Common Airline: Air NZ
    Most Common Airport: AKL
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: AKL-WLG

  39. Miles: 29,647 (8,408 last year)
    Segments: 19 (5)
    New Aircraft: A319, A320, B738, CR7
    New Airlines: Virgin Blue, Atlantic Southeast
    New Airports: LAX, SYD, CNS, BNE, ORD, ATL
    Most Common Aircraft: A320/B738 (3 flights each)
    Most Common Airline: Delta/United (Tie)
    Most Common Airport: SFO
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: It’s a five-way tie, so I’ll leave you with DSM-ATL

  40. Miles: 176,837
    Segments: 86
    New Aircraft: B777-300, A330, B717
    New Airlines: TG, KB, CA, QK, LH, BA, MA, TK, EK, LA, KA, MX
    Most Common Aircraft: B777 (all varient) and B757 (tied at 16 each)
    Most Common Airline: United
    Most Common Airport: JFK
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: SFO-JFK (5)

  41. Miles 56,750
    Segments: 76
    New Airlines: None
    New Airports: None
    New Aircraft: CRJ-900 (DL Mesaba and Skywest), 737-900 AS SEA-FAI and return. A340-600 LH DEN-FRA
    Most Common Airline:UA
    Most Common Airport: COS and DEN (also most common route)

  42. I’m going to do 36,000 miles next MONTH! (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Ayers Rock, LAX, AUS, Buenos Aires). I don’t want to know how many miles I flew last year!!!

    How about asking how many times our bags were lost enroute? Last year was a record for me – FIVE times, including both ways on a trip to Budapest. But I got them all back eventually. Looking forward to seeing if they fixed the Qantas A-380 next month on the way back to LAX… With 400 pax on that plane, I’m glad I have Global Entry and can skip the queues!

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