Cranky on the Web (October 25-29)

AirTran, Horizon, Labor Relations, SJC - San Jose, Southwest

AirTran Pilots Have a New Tentative Agreement, Thanks to SouthwestBNET Headwinds
AirTran pilots have an agreement, and it comes suspiciously close on the heels of the acquisition agreement by Southwest. Interesting, no?

Federal Air-Service Grant Program Sees Some Worthy Applicants in 2010BNET Headwinds
It’s SCASD week over on BNET and here I look at some of the best proposals from this year’s crop of small city grant applications.

The Worst Small Community Air Service Grant Applications For 2010BNET Headwinds
And now it’s time to look at some of the worst proposals.

Horizon Looks to Create Small Community Air Hub in San JoseBNET Headwinds
One of the more interesting SCASD trends this year was Horizon’s support of a number of cities looking for flights to San Jose.

Great Falls Aims to Prove Airline Pricing Analysts WrongBNET Headwinds
Great Falls took the SCASD opportunity to propose offering rebates to customers to bring fares down.

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4 comments on “Cranky on the Web (October 25-29)

  1. In the ‘old’ days when airlines like Golden Gate, Swiftair, Westair, etc used to fly between small cities to small cities or small cities to large cities including SJC, did they do it on their own or with grants from the feds? With more people flying and larger populations why do airlines needs grants now do fly these same routes?

  2. I don’t know the details of all these services, but if it was during the regulation days, then that was a different world.

  3. YEAH, CONSOLIDATION! I was hoping to decrease the flights and airlines so those that are left standing can increase their fares. And NOW the Airtran pilots get a raise. I’m all for getting paid and raises; BUT this consolildation will be the death of disount fares. Even Southwest (who I WAS a loyal fan) is now raising fares. Take your free bags and shove them. You can afford it.

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