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Continental/United Merger: How Pilots Can Resolve Their Labor StandoffBNET Headwinds
It’s all about the 90 to 110 seat jets. This should be a great framework to use.

Memo to Airlines: Looks Like You Can’t Cram Any More Butts Into SeatsBNET Headwinds
Load factors have started to level off as airlines have realized they can’t get much above where they are in terms of loads.

The iPad is the Greatest Thing in Inflight Entertainment (Or is It?)BNET Headwinds
Some think the iPad is the new giant of inflight entertainment. I think it’s just the beginning of more and better options.

All Airports Want Low Fare Airlines — but Not All Can Keep ThemBNET Headwinds
Huntsville is failing at keeping its low fare airline, which proves once again that not everyone can support that kind of service.

The Battle of Ontario: How to Mismanage a Small but Really Expensive AirportBNET Headwinds
Ontario Airport has put out a report and the findings aren’t pretty. There is a lot of cost-cutting that needs to happen.

How to Mismanage an Airport, Part II: High Overhead, Outrageous SalariesBNET Headwinds
In part II, we look at specifics of Ontario’s bloat.

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Bob J
Bob J

For the UA/CO merger, do you think that the Bombadier CSeries would be a possible replacement? Supposedly they are supposed to be newer and better than even the E170 family, but they are a little larger (100-120) and aren’t in production yet.
Actually, I personally like the Avro RJ aircraft which are still used all over Europe, which are much more comfortable than the smaller CRJ or ERJs, but I don’t think we are likely to ever see them in the US.


I have just found your website, and hope you can answer a quetion for me. Four of us travelled from Newark to Paris on Open Skies Airlines this month. The flight was delayed from 6.40 p.m. to about 11 p.m. and consequently we missed our next flight from Paris to Edinburgh on Easy Jet and had to purchase new tickets. Open Skies is offering us each $65 vouchers on future flight with them. Since we do not routinely fly transatlantic, I have told them that there offer is not sufficient for our inconvenience and added expenses. Under the new EU… Read more »


I once had an unofficial connection (two separate tickets) flying El-Al into London Heathrow followed by BMI to Edinburgh. The El-Al flight was switched to Stansted (continuing to Heathrow on a bus), and they arranged with BMI to put me on a later flight to Edinburgh. But they were not willing to put me on easyJet directly from Stansted to Edinburgh — I guess that would have cost them a lot more money.

Chris Miller
Chris Miller

on UA/CO. Does it really cost much different per seat miles to fly the E-190/E-195 than a mainline 737-700 besides the pilot and crew saleries? Or another way if the mainline operates E-190 or a regional operates they same the E-190 is the only difference the salary of the labor union crews.


Chris, A couple of things here: 1. A mainline 737-700 aircraft is around 130 seats (CO configures it 12/112), and an E190 is at 99 seats (US configures it 11/88). There’s enough of a difference where the mission profile isn’t quite the same. One major difference between these two birds? At 100 seats, the FAA requires an additional flight attendant, so the 737-700 requires 3 FAs whereas the E190 only requires 2. 2. You reference “labor union crews.” Well… I used to work for an airline, and not all staff is unionized, so I’m not sure what the question is.… Read more »


Interesting couple of posts about ONT. After a recent weekend trip to southern California that brought me through the ONT on Friday and Sunday evening, I had actually thought about pinging you about your thoughts on what’s wrong with the airport. I have never seen such a big airport SOOOOO empty at 6pm. All the concessions (stores, restaurants) were closed. No line — zero people! — at security. The 7:20pm flight on UAX to SFO seemed to have been the last one of the day out of that terminal. While taxiing, I observed two other aircraft at other gates, but… Read more »


Am I reading the details of the Ontario deal correctly? That in effect, the contracted operators are incentivised to make the airport fail because 1) They can protect their main airport from competition and 2) More costs = more revenue for them regardless of bottom line? Can I please negotiate my next contract with whoever signed that one, I have a nice bridge they might want to buy.


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