Cranky Concierge Adds Small Business Program, More Discounts, and Our Newest Concierge

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I haven’t written about Cranky Concierge much here lately, but things have been going quite well. We’ve just finished a banner week where we followed near 50 people heading to a conference, we’ve added more discounts for clients, we’ve made some website changes, and, what I’m most excited about, we’ve added a small business program. Oh yeah, and our newest concierge, Nicole, has joined the airline dork crowd. Like I said, we’ve been busy.

Small Business Program

If you work for a big ole’ monster of a company, you undoubtedly have a managed corporate travel program, and Cranky Concierge Small Businesswe aren’t going to compete with that. We’re still happy to help when things go wrong, but where we think we can really add value is for small business.

There are a ton of small companies out there that are either paying too much for their travel programs or not using one at all. We can fill that gap and save money along the way while also providing excellent flight monitoring.

Small business clients do not have to pay each time they fly. Instead, we will bill you monthly. That not only makes it easier for you, but it allows us to apply small business volume discounts depending upon how much you use us during any one month. There is no contract required, so you can even give us a shot for a single month.

For more, go to or call us at (707) 797-7474 and we can tell you all you need to know.

More Discounts!

We’re happy to add two new discount partners to the site this week. As you know, you can already get discounts on things like GoGo inflight internet (25% off), TripIt Pro, and more. Now we welcome our two newest partners.

  • AwardWallet – I’ve written about AwardWallet before, and now Cranky Concierge clients can take advantage of the premium features of the frequent flier balance monitoring service for free. Yep, Concierge clients will get a free upgrade to AwardWallet Plus. We’ve also been working on a Cranky Concierge frequent flier program monitoring and management service, but that’s still in the works.
  • On the Fly Seminars – You might know Nick Kralev from his days at the Washington Times. Many know him as the one to shed a broad spotlight on United’s Starnet blocking practice which prevents you from using awards that might be available on Star Alliance partners. After many, many years of traveling all over the globe, he’s now created the On the Fly seminars to help you maximize your travel budget, grow your mileage balance, reduce the hassle, and get upgrades. His seminars are all over the US and Cranky Concierge clients will get 15% off.
Website Changes to Make Things Easier to Understand

One of the more consistent problems we’ve seen is people not signing up for the right plan for their trips. It’s not your fault, it’s ours. So we’ve gone ahead and combined our pricing and details page into something much easier to understand. It starts with this:

Cranky Concierge Picker

Easy, right? We’ve also made changes to how you can send us your info when we’re helping you plan a trip. Once you complete payment, you’ll be taken to a thank you page that now has a form you can fill out with all the info we’ll need from you to get started. No more going back to your email to do it. You can just take care of everything right there.

Nicole, Our Newest Concierge

Lastly, I’d like to welcome Nicole to our stable of airline dorks. Nicole actually signed up for Cranky Concierge for a trip to Indonesia, and after she ended up coming up with a more creative and cheaper route, I started talking to her about becoming a concierge herself. Sure enough, she’s onboard and will add a welcome female perspective to the crew. Nicole started training this week, so you can look forward to getting her help next time you sign up.

Welcome onboard, Nicole!

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