Travel Tools I Love: AwardWallet

Raise your hand if you’ve memorized the frequent flier number, login, and password for every single rewards program you belong to? That’s what I thought. Many of you may know one or two (I still remember my AAdvantage number because it was also my login for eAAsySabre long ago), but that’s about it. For that reason, I highly recommend AwardWallet.

As long as you don’t have concerns about storing your numbers and passwords elsewhere, this site is just awesome. I started using it a couple months ago and it’s been fantastic.

You set it up program by program, entering your frequent flier number or web login along with your password. Then it goes in and pulls out your balances and expiration dates so you can monitor them all from one place.

Even better, when you have any activity, you get a weekly email update with the details. It also sends you an update when new travel plans are added to one of your accounts. If your expiration is coming up, it’ll tell you that too. The home screen shows your frequent flier number and logins so it makes for an easy reference point. It can even log you in directly to the websites for those programs and take you there.

It’s also not limited to airlines or even travel even general. Yes, I can follow my Starwood, National car rental, and Amtrak balances on there, but I could also look at credit card rewards, and more. Some I’ve never even heard of.

What don’t I love? The pricing plan is really goofy. You get a lot of functionality for free, but the premium version, which includes some bells and whistles, costs, uh, whatever you want. Seriously. You decide what you think it’s worth and pay it. Strange, I know.

But forgetting about that quirk, this site is great. I never remember my frequent flier numbers, so this is an easy way to bring them up. For example, I was flying on Frontier recently and my number wasn’t in the reservation. I looked it up and put it in when I checked in.

It’s also helpful when you’re trying to log in to the different programs and can’t remember your information. This stores you login info even if it isn’t your frequent flier number. So you really can’t lose this stuff anymore.

It also sends you updates when there’s a change to your award balance as well as reminders to check-in and more.

Kudos to AwardWallet for putting this together. It’s a great tool to have.

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