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BNET, Delays/Cancellations, Virgin America

Tips to minimize the impact of a flight cancellationThe Detroit News
With the 3 hour ground delay rule likely causing an increase in cancellations, the Detroit News looked at what people should do. They came to Cranky Concierge for advice.

Virgin America’s First Quarter Loss Means More Work Ahead for Troubled AirlineBNET
The first quarter numbers are in, and once again, it’s a loss.

Subsidy reservations: Kansas taxpayers support airlines in Wichita, but KCI complains of turbulenceKansas City Star
It’s an interesting situation in Wichita these days when it comes to airline subsidies, and the Kansas City Star dug in on the subject.

Facebook Fan Numbers Aren’t Nearly as Important as Airports May ThinkBNET
There’s a lot of hype about Facebook and Twitter, but it shouldn’t be a race to collect fans. It’s all about how to deal with them.

Random Expansion: Virgin America Is Going to Regret Its New Flights to MexicoBNET
My take on Virgin America’s move into Mexico. Wanna guess how I feel?

Open Skies Turns to Trains to Help Fill AirplanesBNET
Open Skies has no feed on either end of its network, so it’s looking at trains. I like it.

Google Acquires ITA Software, and the Likes of Kayak and Bing Cry a LittleBNET
Personally, I think the acquisition of ITA by Google could be just awesome. But there are definitely going to be some unhappy campers.

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