Cranky on the Web (May 10 – 14)

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New Tokyo Haneda Flights: Some Strange Choices, Courtesy of the FedsBNET
Flight awards were handed out by the feds for the four coveted slots at Tokyo’s Haneda airport. They made some odd picks.

How to Get Home When Disaster StrikesFOX News
Stuck when disasters happen? I talk about what Cranky Concierge did to help.

Alaska’s New Flights Put Its Relationship With American to the TestBNET
Alaska is stepping on American’s toes in California. Is this a test?

Three Years Later, American Airlines Is Still Getting the Runaround in ChinaBNET
American will finally start China flights, but the Chinese aren’t making it easy for them.

Airlines Filled More Seats in April, but That Can’t Continue ForeverBNET
April traffic numbers continue to see increases in loads. This just can’t continue forever.

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5 comments on “Cranky on the Web (May 10 – 14)

  1. brett – re haneda slots, why do you think UA didn’t throw in for an LAX run? just UA being stupid (again)? since DL got the LAX run along w/ DTW and AA got JFK/NY area, both of which also applied for the LAX run, it’s not unreasonable to assume that UA would have been a reasonable choice for LAX in order to give one spot to each of four different airlines.

    1. San Francisco has always been United’s main Asian gateway, so that makes sense. Maybe they should also have asked for LAX, but I think that the DOT really seems to be holding it against them since they already work with ANA.

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