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What are Scope Clauses and Why Are People Fighting Over Them?BNET
If you’ve heard people talking about scope clauses and wondered what they are, here’s your guide.

Think a Lot of People are Using Wifi In the Air? Think AgainBNET
Runway Girl Mary Kirby caught on to some numbers that AirCell mentioned regarding onboard wifi usage. They’re pretty low.

Hey Los Angeles: Customers Pay for Airports Improvements Regardless of How They’re StructuredBNET
The LA City Council just voted to support an increase in the Passenger Facility Charge. That comes straight out of your pocket, and it’s not a great idea.

US Airways Adds Cash for the Next Couple Winters, Defers AirplanesBNET
Yes, US Airways has done it again. They’ve played with the cash gods and walked away with more in their pocket. This time it’s mostly expense reduction via aircraft delays.

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So CF, what are your thoughts on the USAirways thing? Good idea? Is there any kind of long-term fallout when an airline defers deliveries?



So, do you really think that increasing the PFC’s by $3 at LAX is going to cause the passengers to leave in droves?

Also, did you mean to say that the city council has no legal right to raise the max PFC? If not, then who does?