Cranky on the Web (October 19-23)

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United Learns That Some People Don’t Want Free UpgradesBNET
United has now made upgrades free for all elites, but that doesn’t mean everyone is happy. They’re taking away benefits as well.

Slight Gains in Premium Traffic in AugustBNET
The IATA premium traffic monitor is out again and the news is, well, slightly better? Yeah, I guess so.

Complaints Go Down as On Time Percentage RisesBNET
This shouldn’t be a surprise. On-time performance goes up, complaints go down. Go figure.

how not to check a bagAnti-Bride
Some tips and tricks for avoiding having to check a bag.

Frontier Airlines Tries To Diversify Away From Denver . . . AgainBNET
Frontier has decided to add flights between Oklahoma and Florida. Hmm, this could work.

Lufthansa Brings Back Internet Over the OceansBNET
It’s been a long time since you could use the internet on an intercontinental flight. It’s coming back.

Road testing the Cranky ConciergeGadling
Grant Martin over at Gadling took Cranky Concierge for a spin last weekend. He liked what he saw. Read the details.

Expert travel assistance from a travel dorkMusings of The Global Traveller
Another look at Cranky Concierge. Come on, give it a shot if you haven’t yet.

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