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There’s good news in Crankyville this week. No, it’s not a new writer. No, we’re not having a baby. I’m very happy to welcome a new sister-in-law into the family. While we left Jackson Hole on Sunday, my brother Quinn (aka Dr Cranky) and his girlfriend Jeanine stuck around a couple more days for a romantic getaway. He popped the question and they’re now happily engaged. To keep this aviation-related, here they are ready to board their Delta Connection flight yesterday from Jackson Hole to Salt Lake.

Quinn and Jeanine in Jackson Hole

Wanting to do something nice for them on their flight home to Philly, I emailed my PR contact at Delta as well as a friend who used to work there to see if I could get a message to the crew to try to thoroughly embarrass Quinn and Jeanine over the PA or maybe even get them a celebratory drink. What resulted was far more than that. Check out the gift basket that was awaiting them onboard their flight from Salt Lake to Philly.

Delta Gift Basket

Now this can’t be normal, right? That’s a really nice gift basket (and it was definitely welcome as they waited out their 1.5 hour mechanical delay), but I can’t imagine Delta does this for everyone. Still, I do understand that they will usually offer champagne for some special occasions, and that’s a great policy to have. It can only engender loyalty during a very memorable and emotional time.

So thank you to Delta for such a nice gesture, and more importantly, welcome to the family, Jeanine!

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11 comments on “A New Addition to the Cranky Family

  1. Hmm.. interesting. I know when you go to a fancy ass restaurant they ask “any special occasions” It would be interesting if with first class airlines started asking this (or offering a field for it) for first class passengers. It probably wouldn’t cost that that much, but would be a nice touch.

  2. Looks like DL gave them a good spread for the event.

    So you’re the older Cranky brother from what I read. Does he have little Cranky brother horror stories to tell about you…….hahahaha

    “””””Quinn Snyder practices Emergency Medicine in the Philadelphia area. This, in case you were wondering, is far easier than growing up as Cranky’s little brother”””””””

  3. DL is sucking up to you for good publicity. Smart. Don’t let it compromise your editorial opinion next time they royally screw something up.

  4. David SF – That’s right. I’m 2.5 years older, and I’m sure he has plenty of stories. I used to enjoy beating him up, as any good older brother should. Of course, that ended once he got to be about the same height as me.

    Thomas – No doubt about it. It is definitely a smart move on their part, but you don’t need to worry. If (or shall I say “when”) they do something dumb, I’ll be right there to smack them down. But for now, I’m just impressed that they were able to pull this together so quickly. I didn’t even give them a day and they were able to make it happen. Pretty impressive.

  5. Kudos to DL! Although, upon closer inspection, looks like they just threw whatever they can find from the club – the pre-wrapped cheese rectangles gave it away. Still, a very nice gesture.

  6. Brett,

    Congrats to your brother. That looks like the mother of all baskets. Like they went around and pillaged other lesser people’s gift baskets to create some sort of uber-basket. Does Jeanine have a sister?

    / God I’m pathetic

  7. ptahcha – Yep, I think you’re probably right, but you know what? That’s great. I wouldn’t have wanted them to run out and spend a lot of money on something when the gesture is what matters more than anything. And, as you say, this was definitely a nice gesture.

    Graham – Sorry, but I think she only has brothers. (I’ll have to double check on that for you.)

  8. I had a similar experience with Delta. On the day my wife and I were married, we originally scheduled to fly first class on America West (using miles). A flight delay caused us to transfer to Delta instead. At the end of our flight, the flight attendants congratulated us and presented a little gift basket that they had put together from whatever they could find on board (bottled water, granola bars, and other snacks).

    Although it wasn’t very fancy (and not nearly as nice as is pictured above), we did appreciate it as it was a nice gesture.

  9. NW gave my wife and I at least a couple of bottles of champagne when we flew after our engagement. We flew from the west coast to Hawaii and on to Asia and had a couple of bottles to lug around ( back when you could have one in the cabin) :)

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