This Week on BNET (March 23-27)

United Releases Weaker Revenue Guidance
United announced that like Continental (though not quite as severe), it is seeing large revenue drops as demand continues to decrease.

NBAA Attacks JetBlue’s Bigwig Ad Campaign
The NBAA has gone on the attack, and JetBlue’s Bigwig campaign is the target. This does not seem like a smart move.

Republic Takes Half of Mokulele’s Equity
Looks like Mokulele’s time as an independent carrier is up. Republic is cleaning house and taking over.

What I Missed at US Airways Media Day
Since I was in Dallas with Southwest, I missed the fun at US Airways Media Day. Here is what I missed, according to other bloggers.

Phoenix Aviation Symposium Tackles Foreign Ownership of US Airlines
Day one of the Phoenix Symposium saw some interesting debates, including one on foreign ownership that’s not likely to be solved any time soon.

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  1. Doc says:

    Brett, if you haven’t read this, you will really get a kick out of it!

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