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Welcome Airfarewatchdog readers! Please come on in and take a look around. I post my usual snarkiness Monday through Friday with this post on what I’ve written over at BNET capping the week on Saturday.

For Cranky readers, head on over to the Airfarewatchdog Blog to see my first article for them, “Confessions of a fat fingered airline pricing analyst.” It’s been awhile since I last worked as an airline pricing analyst, but this was a fun look back on those days.

Frontier Announces Small Operating Profit for January
As a bankrupt airline, Frontier has to report its results on a monthly basis. So the airline’s January financials can give us a peak into what’s to come.

Continental’s February RASM Down Dramatically
Continental released February traffic and revenue information this week and the news is far from good. Get ready for the pain.

Ontario’s Spiral of Doom Results in Less Traffic and Higher Fees
What happens when airlines pull back on flights? Costs go up. And that’s when an airport enters the spiral of doom.

US Airways Sees February Unit Revenue Declines
The US Airways February traffic report may not have shown much of a change in load factor, but revenue estimates were down significantly.

News and Notes From Delta’s 10-K
Delta release it’s annual report this week, so I thought I’d poke through it and see what I could find.

February Airline Traffic Numbers
The final February traffic numbers are out, and it’s downright ugly. Here’s the list.

Allegiant’s Strategy In Its Own Words
A peek inside Allegiant’s 10-K gives us a great explanation of the airline’s business model. If you didn’t know it before, here it is in their own words.

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