This Week on BNET (Jan 19-23)

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Report: Investors Looking to Abandon Virgin America
Financial Times is reporting that Virgin America’s US investors may be looking to bail out. What does this mean for the future viability of the airline?

American Flight Attendants Begin Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)
American’s flight attendants have agreed to improve safety with an ASAP, the very same program the pilots pulled out of. What gives?

2008 Full Year Traffic
A slightly belated look at full year 2008 traffic for US airlines.

Delta On-Time Performance Lags in November
November was a great month for most airlines, but Delta and a couple of its regionals landed at the bottom of the pack. What happened?

Hawaiian’s Mainland Flights Have a Rough November
Hawaiian’s overall numbers look good, but there were some big problems getting mainland flights in on-time.

United’s Ugly Fuel Hedges Impact Fourth Quarter Results
Fourth quarter results are starting to pour in, and United showed some serious cash losses due to hedging gone wrong.

LaHood is Confirmed; Opposes New York Slot Auctions, Supports Controllers
Ray LaHood is now going to be running the show at the DOT, and he’s been saying all the right things so far.

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2 comments on “This Week on BNET (Jan 19-23)

  1. Can’t imagine it’s an easy time to find investors for anything, let alone an airline in an already crowded market. If the investors do pull out I’d bet dollars to donuts that the competition will be doing some heavy lobbying to pull Virgin’s operating cert. Seems Virgin American might be on the cusp of a perfect storm.

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