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Just about every day, I get press releases that have absolutely nothing to do with what I write about. Frankly, it gets a little annoying, but that doesn’t mean I want people to stop sending them. It’s easy to delete, and every so often I come across some good information or, even better, a relatively useful site that I didn’t know about. Here are a couple that seemed worthwhile.

Do you worry about losing your stuff? I’m generally not THAT anal, but sometimes, especially when I travel, it makes me a little nervous. I left my iPod on a Southwest flight one time, but fortunately I remembered before I was out of security and got it back. But most of the time, people aren’t that lucky. Just check out any airline’s lost and found and you’ll see what I mean.

ImHONEST makes it easier to get your stuff back, and it doesn’t cost very much. The idea is that you can buy labels from them to stick on your valuables. They look like this.


For $15, you get a pack of 6 labels and that includes coverage for one year. Each additional year is $1.95 per label. So far it doesn’t sound that interesting right? But when someone finds your item, they go online and say they found it. Then they have the option of dropping it off at a UPS Store or having someone pick it up. All you have to do as the person who lost the item is pay the shipping charges with no additional fee. Pretty good, huh?

Now this is one that my wife (it seems so weird to say “wife”) really loves. Go to Minimus and you’ll find all kinds of trial size items that are under 3 ounces. It’s perfect for travel, of course, and you can find some stuff you won’t see elsewhere. Don’t believe me? They have 22 different kinds of after shave alone. If you can’t put together a toiletry kit with everything you love in 3 oz sizes, then you should definitely check this place out.

[Updated on 10/8 – I changed the name to say Minimus.biz instead of just Minimus to avoid confusion.]

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4 comments on “A Couple of Interesting Websites

  1. I assumed you meant http://www.minimus.com so I went there. I reached a website which is based in the UK and is all about a mouse. I then googled minimus and found out that the website for the minimus you were describing is http://www.minimus.biz. That one is really cool, and there is a blurb on the homepage offering free domestic shipping for any order over $20.

    Hope this helps others.

  2. That’s pretty cool stuff. Being a frequent flier I could use some of that. Though I wonder how the TSA would react if I had a single serving of A-1 Steak Sauce in my little bag.

  3. I think anybody that goes through the effort to report an item on the website, would immediately change their mind upon reading (on the faq’s) that the “reward” is $30 worth of multi-purpose id labels.

  4. Jean – Sorry about that. The link in the post goes to Minimus.biz, but I didn’t make it clear in the text. I’ve fixed that.

    Smail – This isn’t for people who are only looking for a reward. This is for people who want to do the right thing, but aren’t willing to do the legwork to hunt someone down, find packaging, and pay for postage. This takes care of all that so it’s very easy to just do the right thing.

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