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Expedia May be Doing This to Themselves

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It’s tough to tell exactly what’s going on at Expedia these days. First, it appeared that American had pulled their fares for international travel and premium cabins due to not being able to come to an agreement on costs with Expedia. Now it appears there may be more to it.

Expedia had initially responded that they pulled American’s flights because those were being sold through Worldspan and they don’t want to use Worldspan.

Now there’s word from The Beat (subscription required) that Delta is also having its flights restricted from displaying in Expedia. The article says Delta has confirmed that they had nothing to do with the change. It was all Expedia’s decision.

I’m not sure what these guys at Expedia are up to, but clearly they’re trying to reduce their costs and regain some leverage. Unfortunately, this means that customers using Expedia aren’t going to see a very good comparison when they use the site.

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