United Mercifully Axes Cruises

uacruiseI believe congratulations are due to United for finally putting United Cruises out of its misery.

Anyone with a Mileage Plus account who receives email communication has seen the countless United Cruise email promotions flooding your inbox on a weekly basis. It always amazed me that these emails were allowed to go out instead of emails pertaining to actual flight offers. When I worked at United, there were limits on how many emails could be sent a day and these cruise emails always seemed to bump my promos. How many of you took advantage of those offers?

My guess is that not many did, because if you go to the United Cruises page, you will now see a message saying that as of December 2006, no new bookings will be accepted. These cruise packages took the focus off of the actual airline product and were a waste of time pursued in the sake of more incremental revenue. I’m glad to see that that experiment has ended.

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