Arizona Republic Interviews Doug Parker

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Back on December 29, the Arizona Republic published an interview with Doug Parker. The interview was conducted by one of my favorite airline reporters, Dawn Gilbertson, and it naturally focuses on the proposed US Airways/Delta merger.

It’s an interesting read and it makes Doug look like he’s really staying unemotional throughout this process despite the fact that emotions seem to be running high with Delta’s management team. For example, when asked why Doug is so adamant about completing the merger, he says . . .

The short answer to that question is it’s our job.

We’ve got a really good thing going here and if we just wanted to make our own life easier, we’d have stayed home for the last couple of months enjoying some time with our families. Unfortunately, we don’t own the company; our shareholders do.

They pay us to go maximize value, not just create some value.

When we have opportunities that we know can create yet again more value, not just for shareholders but a stronger environment for your employees and your communities, that’s what we’re supposed to do.

It sounds like someone who clearly understands his role. If he sees an opportunity to improve the business, then he should absolutely pursue it. I’m not personally convinced that this merger is a good idea, but I definitely think that Delta management owes it to their creditors to fully entertain any and all options.

I can certainly understand their desire to exit independently. Delta has made a lot of progress in bankruptcy, and I do like some of what they’ve done. It seems to me that they’ve gone and dismissed the US Airways offer without fully considering it. I can understand their hesitance to open their books to another airline that could very well remain a competitor if the merger doesn’t go through, but if that’s what the creditors want, that’s what is going to happen anyway.

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