Hate Fare Increases? Be Glad You’re Not in Zimbabwe


The national carrier of Zimbabwe, Air Zimbabwe, will be increasing fares 500% on all routes. Think American could get away with that one?

To be fair, inflation in Zimbabwe is running away right now. Last month it was over 1,000% so that’s not much of a fare increase in terms of real value, but it still puts air travel out of reach for most.

The article states that a trip from Harare, the capital, to London will now run you 1,865,000 Zimbabwean dollars, equal to US$7,460, roundtrip. That’s hefty by anyone’s standards.

Far more disturbing than ticket prices is that the average life expectancy of Zimbabweans has dropped from the mid 50’s only 15 years ago to the mid 30’s today. Airfare is the least of their troubles right now.

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