Alitalia Rearranging the Deck Chairs

Alitalia, Worst Airline Ever

alitaliaIt is ridiculous how much fodder for my posts this airline gives me. A mere couple of weeks after the Italian PM Romano Prodi was quoted as saying that the airline would be bankrupt by January if it didn’t change things quickly, pictures have surfaced of Alitalia’s new paint scheme in service.

Yeah, that’s right. They should be fixing the friggin’ airline but instead they’re coming up with new and prettier ways to paint their airplanes. If there’s ever been a better candidate for euthanasia, I haven’t seen it.
Well, now that I’ve mentioned it, I guess I’ll show you the pics. It’s not much different.
azoldaznewThat’s the old one on the left with the cheatline running over the windows. On the right, you see the new one with a lighter green running below the windows and the tail colors extending down over the fuselage slightly.

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5 comments on “Alitalia Rearranging the Deck Chairs

  1. I hve flon Ali-Freking-Talia more than 30 times, those guys suck, they do not know what they are doing and they need not be in the business at all……the food sucks, service sucks, flight attendents do NOT speak ‘Englise” they suck…….a sample of how Italian run things……….

  2. I have flown Alitalia 30 times last year. It is not up to normal standards, a clear show of the decline of Italian business due to corruption and lack of civilization of the Italians, they should not be part of the EU

  3. FUCK SHIT. Alitalia. So many atitude problem. I lose my luggage. I arrive late also. They do not speak Engish and expect me to listen to them. Food like Army food. Sux. CLOSE DOWN LA.

  4. Italians are a very dumbass breed. Even a toatal fuck-up from swahili land bakes a better pizza than the italian clowns.

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