Spirit Does It Again

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I’ve posted before about how good Spirit Airlines is at getting attention for themselves here, but their latest promo had me on the floor laughing. If you go to their homepage, you’ll see this in all its fully-animated glory:


Seriously, does it get any better than that? I mean, you’ve got an eye-catching picture that is actually relevant to their product. Business in the front and a party in the back is both the best way to describe a mullet (clearly) as well as the two-class onboard product offered by these guys. Then again, with free booze in the front cabin, that’s where the party really will be.

Crazy promotions like these are pretty common in Europe (see Ryanair), but here in the US it always seems to be some lame “Spring Into Summer” promo that gets ignored by all. JetBlue seems to be trying to get into the act lately. Today’s $31 sale to celebrate Halloween (get it, Oct 31) is their latest attempt, but they’re definitely not nearly as outrageous and eye-catching as Spirit.

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2 comments on “Spirit Does It Again

  1. JetBlue may have run a $31 sale for Halloween, but Spirit ran that same promotion on October 5 — check out the press releases on their website. JetBlue ripped them off!

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