JetBlue To Serve Chicago and More Route News

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You go away for a few days and all kinds of crazy stuff happens. Here’s the latest.

  • JetBlue said on Monday that they received approval for four daily flights to Chicago/O’Hare. The flights would have to start by January. They don’t have a gate yet, but US Airways indicated they don’t need an old America West gate in Third World Terminal 2, so that would be the best bet now. I would also guess that all four flights would go to New York/JFK.
  • United said today that they’ll return to Rome with nonstop flights from Washington/Dulles beginning April 1. They haven’t flown to Rome (or Milan for that matter) for several years. This flight will run with a 777. They’ve added a good amount of 777 flying lately, so I’m really curious where these planes are coming from.
  • Qantas says they will bring back flights between San Francisco and Vancouver for December and January. That flight had previously brought cruise traffic to Vancouver in the northern summer months. Fly in the first 10 days of December and you can go for $119 each way.
  • Frontier will continue to add flights in California, away from its main Denver hub so it can diversify. The latest announcement came Tuesday saying that they have applied for three times weekly service from Sacramento and four times weekly service from San Jose to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico starting next March. They will also start one daily flight between San Francisco and Las Vegas on December 14. That flight appears to just take advantage of a plane sitting on the ground in San Francisco. It leaves there at 820p and turns around right away getting back to San Francisco at 1150p.
  • It wouldn’t be a route announcement without something from Delta. Starting January 11, the airline will begin three daily flights (two on weekends) between Boston and Chicago/Midway. This one defies all logic, especially since the schedule isn’t very good. The first flight from Chicago isn’t until 9a and the last flight back from Boston is at 435p. This is clearly aimed at the Boston market, but I’m not so sure it’s going to work when American and United basically fly hourly to O’Hare.

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