New Flights a Plenty (And Some Canceled Ones as Well)

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There hasn’t been much to talk about in the way of new flights lately, but I’ve gathered some of them here for your reading pleasure . . .

*Allegiant Air continues to expand with its strategy of infrequent flights from both Orlando and Las Vegas to smaller cities throughout the US. This time, it’s twice weekly from Orlando/Sanford to Shreveport (Louisiana) starting Nov 15 and Kinston (North Carolina) on Nov 10. If you’ve heard of Kinston, please let me know. It’s amazing to think it can support flight to Orlando twice a week, but Allegiant has a habit of making these things works.

*Delta ended its daily Indianapolis – Salt Lake flight on September 4. Now you’ll have to fly through Cincinnati or, gasp, Atlanta.

*SAS will launch four times weekly flights between Stockholm and Beijing in Apr 2007

*In the land of obscurity, United will add a second Sunday flight between Denver and Rockford (Illinois). That means there will be two daily flights every day of the week now. I know, try to hold down your enthusiasm.

*Looks like Alitalia will end its flight between Washington/Dulles and Milan after Sep 30.

*Aeromexico will begin flying from Mexico City to Tokyo/Narita (with a stop in Tijuana) sometime in November according to their President. (This link is in Portuguese.)

*Those fun-filled folks at Ryanair are heading to the islands. They’ve asked for permission to fly from London/Luton and Pisa (Italy) to Malta from October 31. They’d also like to start flights from Dublin on Feb 9. Rumor has it they also want to head to the Canary Islands as well.

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