3 Links I Love: Southwest Further Sheds AirTran Markets, NewLeaf Backs Down, Emirates Trouble

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Summer is Here—Summer 2017 Schedule is now Published!Southwest Airlines Community
Southwest’s summer schedule is out, and there are a bunch of changes. Most notably, Southwest is going into Cincinnati, building up Cleveland, and abandoning Akron/Canton and Dayton in the process. The dismantling of the old AirTran network continues, and Akron/Canton was one of that airline’s best markets. It’s a real shame to see that disappear, but clearly Southwest is more interested in the big city airport where revenues are higher. It’s a far cry from the old days.

Links I Love

Two for the road:
NewLeaf drops sun marketsFacebook
NewLeaf is a company that partners with an airline to offer ultra low cost service in Canada. It had recently announced flights into US sun markets including Phoenix/Mesa and Melbourne (Florida). But guess what happened? Competition. WestJet came into the markets, and now NewLeaf has given up. Its CEO posted on Facebook, blaming the big guys for being unfair. Though I know nothing about the company’s current financial performance, I’d consider this to be the beginning of the end. NewLeaf has just shown WestJet (and everyone else) how to beat it. You can assume the competition will simply step up the pressure from here on out, knowing that NewLeaf will walk away.

Is Emirates Airline Running Out of Sky?Bloomberg
It’s a long, wandering journey, but Bloomberg took a look at Emirates and wonders if the good times are coming to an end. Certainly the oil economy hasn’t been as robust, and demand in some other places has tanked. Combine that with election of a protectionist new president here in the US along with a ton of aircraft still on order and there’s reason to worry.

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