A Sincere Apology to United Airlines (It’s Your Fault, US Airways)

Remember my post on Wednesday about United’s reservation system not being very friendly? Well there were some people at United who were very concerned that this could be an unknown error and they wanted to get to the bottom of it so it didn’t happen again. After doing some research, it’s become clear that this was, despite how it originally looked, a US Airways problem.

United please accept my sincere apology for scolding you over your res system. It has had plenty of issues over the last few months, but this wasn’t one of them.

While I don’t know the details of exactly what happened, it was either an agent error or a tech problem on the US Airways side that canceled our flights. There were reasons why that didn’t seem likely when this first happened, but due to some strange technical quirks, things didn’t quite appear as they were in reality at the time.

So, US Airways, boo on you. United? Again, I’m sorry.

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