Cranky on the Web (November 8-12)

Qantas A380: Airline Earns Black Eye for Poor Customer Response to CrisisBNET Headwinds
The Qantas A380 problems continue, but this time it’s not the airplane that I’m talking about. It’s the customer response.

Executive guide: From delays to fold-out trays – sites that let you vent your spleenFinancial Times
Cranky got a great mention in the FT saying that my site is “the website of choice for business travellers focused on airports and airlines.”

Delta Flight Attendants Reject Unionization Following Northwest MergerBNET Headwinds
Delta flight attendants have rejected unionization, and that’s a big deal.

Virgin America Finally Posts Its First Profit, But It’s No SurpriseBNET Headwinds
Congrats to Virgin America for posting its first profit but it’s not a surprise considering how good things are in the industry right now.

In the Trenches: Handling the Surge From Good PressIntuit Small Business Blog
We had some great Cranky Concierge press in the LA Times recently, but that made me a little nervous.

Qantas A380: Rolls-Royce Faces Uncertain Future After Engine FailuresBNET Headwinds
Rolls-Royce may be an engine giant, but some high-profile problems lately leave the company on shakier ground.

Four Challenges to Virgin America’s Long Term SuccessBNET Headwinds
Just because Virgin America is profitable now doesn’t mean it will be for long. Here are some major challenges.

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