This Photo Is Begging for a Caption; Do It and Win Cranky Concierge Service

When I went to to learn more about American’s partnership with JetBlue, I saw this photo and just couldn’t stop laughing. That’s American CEO Gerard Arpey at right, smiling like a madman while looking at a JetBlue A320. On the left, we have a laughing JetBlue CEO Dave Barger holding on to an American 777 and staring at Gerard. A million possible thought bubbles started running through my mind, but then someone suggested a brilliant idea. Why not hold a caption contest?

Create your best caption for this photo and submit it in the comments section. The winner will get air travel assistance from Cranky Concierge for one trip for free. Take a look at the photo, see the rules below, and then start typing that caption.

Gerard Arpey/ Dave Barger Photo

Here’s the deal. Submit as many captions as you’d like. There is no limit. Entries must be made by 11:59p Pacific Time on Monday, April 5, 2010. I alone will choose the winning entry based solely on my own judgment of what I think its funniest and nothing else. The winner will be announced in the comment section and in a blog post. Winners must claim their victory via email from the address submitted in the comment section entry. That is the only way to claim your victory, so don’t go making up fake addresses.

The prize will be air travel assistance for one trip via visit this page.

152 Responses to This Photo Is Begging for a Caption; Do It and Win Cranky Concierge Service

  1. Lisa says:

    Can you believe that people actually pay to fly on these?

  2. Lisa says:

    Wait til we tell them it’s an April Fools joke!

  3. Lisa says:

    Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching!

  4. Lisa says:

    I’m taking this baby home to the wife….is it battery operated or 110?

  5. u600213 says:

    May your next plane be a masculine plane

  6. Talleman says:

    Size REALLY does matter and mines bigger than your!

  7. Gary E says:

    You want me to put this where?

  8. Shindig says:

    Listen. I’m tellin’ ya. That Flyagra will work like it done did fer’ me if you just swallow that little bitty airplane capsule disguised as an Airbus model. Trust me.

  9. JF says:

    I hope that mine will be as “big” as yours one day!

  10. JM says:

    Arpey: “Dave, I can only imagine how many phallus jokes will be made on about this silly photo op…”

  11. Jim says:

    Ah, Dave, so cute, and I mean that in the nicest way!

  12. martin law says:

    caption should read “strange bedfellows?”

  13. “My plane’s bigger than yours.”

    “Damn, you’re right.”

  14. Ace says:

    Where do the batteries go?!?!

  15. Gerard Arpey: Dave, someday, when JetBlue becomes a real airline, you’ll have a … plane as big is mine.

    David Barger: Gerard, someday when American gets a real CEO, you’ll have a balance sheet as good as mine.

  16. Bruce says:

    “Mine is Bigger than Yours”

  17. Keith says:

    Arbus..? Airboos..? Airboss..? What is this thing called again? Arbiss..?

  18. George says:

    AA and Jetblue execs recreate their famous 2007 near-miss which reduced Mayor Bloomberg’s height by another 10%.

  19. George says:

    “See? If you stick your finger just under the fuselage, that’s the G-spot. My wife showed me.”

  20. George says:

    Hey, the guy in the pink tie – he likes your fuselage!

  21. George says:

    “Like I told you, Captain Sully strokes his at least twice before every flight.”

  22. Sirkka says:

    Gerard Arpey: -I ordered a spaceshuttle and got a midget…

  23. sam carl says:

    “Just don’t tell our wives we fondled a couple of models on this trip”

  24. Mike Bing says:

    “Into the mouth of the whale”

  25. Mike says:

    He doesn’t even know what hit him. He is about to get eaten alive.

  26. pat says:

    I think we fit together real fine

  27. Hermann says:

    Dave: So this is where my passengers will be subjected to your service?

    Gerard: Yes, and in my hands I hold the key to happy passengers and quiet pilot unions MUAHAHAHA!

  28. f9ohio says:

    Oh Lord, I would chrome the hell out of this is someone gave me the chance!

  29. f9ohio says:

    Oh come on Gerard, It’s still bigger than your eagle planes give it a break now

  30. f9ohio says:

    Can’t get any more patiotic than this than this eh Barger. We should get our own holiday

  31. The boys trade toys.

  32. So even you are now having to go to downsize the fleet from the 777 to this!

  33. Jon says:

    Just need to send this to the paint shop and throw a red and blue stripe down the middle and call it Eagle.

  34. frank says:

    aprey says, “Can I take a ride on your Disco (B6) stick?”

  35. Mary says:

    “Ok, on the count of 3 we’ll throw them and see if we can pop those balloons behind us!”

  36. f9ohio says:

    I know I know, he does look like Drew Carey back there, that’s the only reason I invited him!

  37. Matt says:

    Always make sure it has a clear view of the sky so you get those 36 channels of DirecTV.

  38. Hernandes says:

    JetBlue CEO: Arpey, how many of these you’re able to buy using your employee’s money from AA Reestructure Agreement last 2003?

    American CEO: I don’t really know… I gues the equivalent of your entire fleet of THESE little things…

  39. Debbie says:

    “Well, I don’t know why I came here tonight . . . clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you.”

  40. J Westcott says:

    Keep shaking…those cranky fliers are a ***** to get off the planes!

  41. CF says:

    Thanks to everyone for entering. The winner has been chosen. And you can see it here:

  42. Ana says:

    Arpey: Hee hee JetBlue will be mine… first step to world domination .. next break the Unions
    Dave: I think my balls are turning blue

  43. Ron says:

    Of course we’re saving on fuel by miniaturizing and going green but what about the passengers and crew?

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