Delta’s Terminal Consolidation Plans Begin to Take Shape

Details of Delta’s plans to combine facilities with Northwest are starting to leak out, and I’m very happy to see that the most difficult terminal situations are being addressed early.

First up, the LA Times is reporting Delta/Northwest Consolidate LAX Terminalsthat Delta has decided to bring Northwest over to Terminal 5 from Terminal 2. This isn’t a surprise, and it’s what I had been hearing. Delta’s Terminal 5, the old Oasis, is not only underutilized, but it’s also one of the nicer facilities at LAX. I couldn’t imagine them going elsewhere from a passenger perspective. With any luck, US Airways will be able to move over to Terminal 2 and give Southwest a few more gates in Terminal 1 for expansion. I won’t hold my breath that it happens, but that’s how it should work.

Over at Chicago/O’Hare, the opposite is Delta/Northwest Consolidate ORD Terminalshappening. Delta will move from its concourse L spot in Terminal 3 over to Northwest’s E gates in Terminal 2. Now I’ve always shuddered at the thought of catching a flight in Third World Terminal 2, because it is way overcrowded.

There is nothing worse than getting stuck in a delay and finding nothing but a little floor space to pass the time. Primitive societies form, wars break out, people hoard scraps of food. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But that all happens on the F gates, and Northwest is on the E side so it couldn’t be as bad. Anyone think Virgin America will grab Delta’s old gates?

Lastly, it looks Delta/Northwest Consolidate BOS Terminalslike Delta will win the Boston wars by bringing Northwest over from Terminal E to their new Terminal A facility. If you’re not familiar with Boston, Terminal A is the new terminal built specifically for Delta’s Boston operation. It has plenty of room in there for more flights, but only Continental was willing to pay the price to get into the expensive space. Now they’ll be able to fill it up even more.

It’s good to see some of the most difficult situations for passengers being worked on quickly. The LA move is said to happen by June, but I don’t know about the others just yet.

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