This Week on BNET (Nov 3 – 7)

Delta Announces New Team of Officers
Now that the Delta/Northwest merger is done, the airline has decided to roll out its new management team, taking pieces from both sides of the aisle.

Airlines with Pensions Face Funding Shortfall
With stock prices down, pensions all over will be underfunded. Those airlines that kept their pensions will unfortunately be facing this problem alone.

Third Quarter 2008 Airline Yields
A list of third quarter yields by airline

Delta Decision to Add First Bag Fee Isn’t Surprising
Delta and Northwest announced a standardized set of fees yesterday, and a first bag fee is on the list. Why now, and is it the right move?

787 Won’t Fly in 2008
Now we know why Boeing didn’t taunt Airbus when the A380 saw delays. It seems that the 787 has been delayed again and won’t fly until 2009.

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