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American Preparing to Expand International 757 Flying
American is putting a true premium cabin on 18 757s so it can start doing more long haul international. What new routes might we see?

United Stock Tanks on False Bankruptcy Rumors
It was a seemingly small mistake. A 2002 bankruptcy article on United was republished as current, and then all hell broke loose.

Singapore Airlines Actually Reducing Fuel Surcharges
Singapore Airlines has made a move to lower fuel surcharges. It’s surprising, but is it an important move?

Advertising on Bald Heads
One airline has decided to offer cash to those who would advertise the airline on the back of their heads. Is this ridiculous or brilliant?

Aircraft Interiors Expo’s Focus on Weight
There was one consistent message throughout the Interior Expo, and it was all about weight. Why does it matter and will it change any time soon?

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Ugh, I’m not a fan of 757s flying redeyes, especially trans-Atlantic… and if American isn’t going to install personal screens in coach, then they’re not offering anything to make them more desirable than other US airlines (or rival foreign carriers). Unless they choose some really smart routes, sounds like a waste to me.


Agreed, Benjii – a 767 is the smallest I’ll fly transatlantic. Even a personal video screen isn’t going to convince me to sit in the back of a 757 overnight. East-West coast on a 757 is bad enough. It sort of feels the airlines are starting to take their frustrations out on us – like WE drove the price of oil up on the back of an ill conceived ‘foreign policy’!


That’s true. Continental flies Newark-Amsterdam twice daily, first on a 757, and then a 767. How many times was I bumped while trying to sleep in that aisle seat? After flying the 767 back, I vowed to only take twin-aisle aircraft trans-Atlantic… That said, I flew a Delta 737 out to LAX and back – the first flight without personal tvs, and the return (a redeye) with them. On a flight that long, personal tvs are key. Even though I didn’t use it that much on the redeye return flight, it was comforting to know it was there. ;) But… Read more »

Singapore Airlines Customer
Singapore Airlines Customer

after reading this Singapore Airlines story from CNN:

I will probably not use Singapore Airlines!

This is a bad PR on Singapore Airlines’ part.

Singapore Airlines is literally starving children to death!