The Cranky Weekly Review Continues, Thanks to San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport

Cranky Weekly Review

Do you like Andrew’s Moment of Levity? No you don’t. You LOVE it. And since it’s the most important thing you read every week, I have good news for you. It is going to continue for another year thanks to the newly-christened San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport extending its sponsorship of the Cranky Weekly Review.

You may remember that the Cranky Weekly Review began life as the Cranky Coronavirus Daily Update back on March 24, 2020. This was a desperate attempt to raise money to keep everyone at Cranky Concierge employed when travel stopped overnight. We repurposed an internal update and asked for any contribution to be added to the email list.

The first update certainly captured a moment in time.

This lasted a month until it morphed into Cranky Daily with a $9 monthly subscription hosted on its own website. The top story the day it launched?

We kept putting this out until September 23, 2022 when we moved to the weekly format of Cranky Weekly Review. It was bittersweet to retire the daily offering, but Andrew captured the poignant moment.

We were sad to end the Daily, but we were overjoyed that the then-Metropolitan Oakland International Airport stepped up to sponsor the Cranky Weekly Review. That meant we could make it available to everybody without any cost to readers.

Now, we’re pleased to say that this arrangement will continue for another year. We’re celebrating with a new logo for the weekly that showcases Oakland’s historic Terminal 1.

Don’t worry, nothing else changes. It’ll still have the same terribly-amazing jokes that you’ve come to know and love. That will continue until we decide to unchain Andrew in the basement, but fear not… there are no plans for that to happen anytime soon.

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18 comments on “The Cranky Weekly Review Continues, Thanks to San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport

  1. That last line… Wow, Brett. I know you’re based in California, but Andrew must be into some more niche activities if he’s still willing to continue to come up with jokes every week while being chained in the Cranky basement.

    Seriously, though, congrats on the continued sponsorship, and great to hear. The weekly update is always a highlight of my Friday afternoon.

    1. Kilroy – Don’t worry, he’s a huge baseball fan so I just give him a wall of screens with on and he’s fine. ;)

      1. Hahaha.

        If he’s a baseball fan and the series is sponsored by the airport closest to the Oakland A’s, then he’s really a masochist if that’s his team.

  2. I hope you legal team has reviewed this sponsorship since we all know OAK is being sued by SFO for the airport’s new name.

    1. I’m just waiting for Oakland to name a SuperFund site or a sewage treatment facility after David Chiu (the San Francisco City Attorney trying to sue them over the name change), like San Francisco tried to do after a former politician that they didn’t like.

    1. A220 – It did replace that. I was looking to retire that anyway, and I was looking to reduce frequency on Cranky Daily, so when the opportunity arose and OAK wanted to sponsor a weekly version, I took it.

  3. Congrats and give em hell OAK! Nobody owns the bay!

    Ps – tell them to get an airline to apply for a DCA exemption slot!

  4. I’m happy for you and Andrew – and even happier because you have found a loyal sponsor. When the A’s finally move to Las Vegas (assuming that will happen – then again…), will Harry Reid International Airport step up to the plate (pun intended – a la Andrew) and be a second sponsor?

  5. * – Continues until San Francisco sues that name out of existence…and the sooner the better.

    You’re going to have to stop writing about that suit too. It’s a blatant conflict of interest.

  6. Huzzah, that’s great news! Now, here’s a different item. Cranky, as much as I like your jokes, there are a few times that I have had trouble discerning where your serious reporting ends and your jokes begin. Chalk that up to announcements and decisions made by airlines, and–more often–by governments that reporters, like yourself, have to qualify by stating, “I can’t make this stuff up!” Well, just keep on doing what you’re doing, and a big thank-you to OAK for keeping this site rocking and rolling!

    1. We never talked to LGB about it, but LGB is also not looking to grow or add any service. I wouldn’t expect them to sponsor anything that’s outside the local community.

  7. Does OAK’s relationship with the site affect your own views on the whole Oakland Airport renaming controversy?

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