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Travel Again Podcast (Episode 2) with Mike McCormick and Ed Silver
Mike and Ed asked me to come on to talk about a variety of things… but mostly sales and distribution thanks to the fireworks American has created in the last year. My part starts right before the 15 minute mark, but then you’ll still have to get through a couple minutes of baseball talk.

United’s Latest Move Probably Means Higher AirfaresFodors
The headline is kind of terrible, but with aircraft delivery delays, there are fewer seats to sell. Less supply means higher fares, as a general rule.

This Airline is Now Charging Peak and Off-Peak Checked Luggage Fees. Will Others Follow?Condé Nast Traveler
JetBlue is raising bag fees again, and this time it’s going peak vs off-peak. It’s not a great look.

The award for ‘sexiest new route’ of the year goes to …TPG
Ben Mutzabaugh joined us at the Cranky Network Awards this year, and he put together a write-up about the event.

I was out this week, so Brian and Jon took this week’s episode of The Air Show podcast to India. The Indian market is fascinating right now, and they’ve both had in-depth conversations with the mai nplayers.

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