The Cranky Flier Interview with Porter EVP and Chief Commercial Officer Kevin Jackson

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It has finally happened. I conducted an ACTUAL across the aisle interview for the first time in the history of this site. 

Kevin Jackson, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer for Porter Airlines came to Los Angeles to show off the airline’s aircraft to the media in advance of the Toronto – LAX inaugural which happens today (January 16, 2024). 

Instead of doing the interview in the gate area, we had the chance actually sit down on the airplane. We grabbed the aisles in row 33, the airplane’s last row, and that’s where I pressed record.

You can listen below, but first, what did I think of the airplane? As we waited for it to pull into gate 60 in the airline’s home in Terminal 6 — where partner Alaska Airlines is located — I couldn’t help but think about just how long that airplane is. We don’t often see these in the US.

We stood by the window in Terminal 6 at LAX as the Porter Embraer 195-E2 pulled into gate 60, one of the gates it will be using in Terminal 6 for its single daily Toronto flight. 

On the inside, there were no real bells and whistles. Just the first four rows with their blue seat coverings in Porter Reserve — like a premium economy — stood out. Beyond that, it was a sea of comfortable-looking gray seats.

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5 comments on “The Cranky Flier Interview with Porter EVP and Chief Commercial Officer Kevin Jackson

  1. A fair number of current airline industry movers and shakers once worked at America West. It’s fascinating how such a “worthless” airline (in the minds of many I’ve seen post comments on airline blogs) could have been the incubator for so many influential people. Porter has an interesting story. I wish it well.

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