Cranky on the Web: Airline Delays and Cancellations

Cranky on the Web

Thousands stuck at airports amid flight delays and cancellationsNBC Nightly News
When the weather gets ugly and the delays mount, so do the number of calls I get from media to talk about it. Much of the interview got cut out, naturally, but the main point is basically the same thing I said on Thursday. The right circumstances can take down any airline’s operation.

Will U.S. Airlines Recover by This Weekend?Afar
And here’s another one. This was from earlier in the week when the hope was that everything would be back to normal for this weekend. It is vastly improved, but United continues to struggle to get back to normal.

Cancelled flights upset US travellers promised a smoother summerFinancial Times
And here’s the trifecta!

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3 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Airline Delays and Cancellations

  1. My husband had a misunderstanding with a seatmate regarding an arm rest. The passenger burst into tears and the flight attendant escorted her to the back. My husband has her on tape saying, “I know its not you sir, its just…” Flight attendant came back and escorted him off the plane and put him on Delta’s “no fly” list. It has taken him 4 days to get from JFK to Atlanta. Have you ever heard of such? My husband is a medallion member and we even charged all three kids college tuition on credit cards to get this status. Is this a Delta thing? My husband has been told he has been banned for life until he goes through the appeals process with Delta. Can a gate clerk at Delta summarily ban him without interviewing all passengers, other witnesses, etc? Does he have to hire an attorney? He is 70 years old and has much medical travel ahead of him to the Mayo Clinic.

    1. Sandra – I know this can happen, but I don’t know anything about the process, appeals, or anything. I would just stay in close contact with Delta and try to answer any questions they have to help the appeal process go faster. In the meantime, he will have to fly other airlines.

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