Cranky on the Web: The Lufthansa Apple AirTag Debacle

Cranky on the Web, Lufthansa

Lufthansa says AirTags are allowed in checked luggage after confusion over banThe Washington Post
As an Android user, I’ve paid very little attention to this whole Apple AirTag-in-checked-luggage thing, but I still find it funny. I know one person who actually had an agent listen to him when he said his bag was in the airport. I just can’t imagine many agents actually doing anything with that information.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web: The Lufthansa Apple AirTag Debacle

  1. My experience with AirTags over the past few months has actually been extremely positive so far. A couple notaworthy experiences:

    1) I was connecting United to Aer Lingus at PHL, and my flight cancelled late at night – Aer Lingus kept trying to send me to United to get my bag back, and the AirTag showing that my bag was sitting at the Aer Lingus gate was really helpful in getting the agents to actually look for my bag. Without the AirTag, I can totally imagine having to walk back and forth between the United and Aer Lingus gates (not a short walk at PHL!) late at night.

    2) I was flying Turkish, and after landing at my destination, my AirTag recorded a tracking event at Istanbul (my origin) – the baggage service agents kept trying to convince me “go wait for your bag – it will come later” but showing the tracking details got them to actually file the lost bag report and got me home ASAP.

  2. Samsung has Galaxy Smart Tags. I bought a pair. My luggage made all my recent flights, happily. It is still nice to have the peace of mind and the tags seem to work fine.

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