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Thank You for Another Successful Cranky Dorkfest

Cranky Dorkfest

I want to thank everyone who came out to LAX yesterday for what was officially the 11th Cranky Dorkfest at LAX. A lot of you asked me when it started, and I couldn’t remember. But now I’ve looked it up and it was indeed 2011. We’ve only missed on year of being able to watch airplanes together… 2020, of course. It was great to be back in the full swing of things again this year with such a big crowd.

As always, the focus of the event was on watching airplanes, talking shop, and eating burgers, but this year we were able to add a little bit more to the mix. A huge thanks goes to LA World Airports for not only bringing DJ Lela B out to play music but also having her pipe in live air traffic control on top of it. Her speakers also doubled as a sound system I could use, which was a huge improvement for this year’s giveaways. Oh, and they even donated an actual airfield light as part of the giveaway, which was a very unique idea.

Where are all the pictures? Well, there were around 400 of you there — our biggest year yet — and I did not have time to bother taking photos. You can see plenty of photos that others took on Twitter. I was too busy hanging out. But LAWA also brought in this cool contraption which took slo-mo shots of people in front of the airplanes as they flew overhead.

The weather was perfect, and there was some great spotting. I want to thank the crew of Air New Zealand flight 6 in particular for executing a VERY late missed approach after already having the rear gear on the ground. I’m sure they did that just to show off for us. And then right after that airplane landed, United Express 5517 up to Medford departed on aircraft N925EV… only to fly around and come back 40 minutes later due to mechanical issues. There was plenty of speculation on that one, but I think my favorite was that the captain got offered a mainline job right on takeoff and didn’t want to wait.

But seriously, I do want to thank those working the tower yesterday. As we were listening to the ATC feed, we heard a controller giving a shoutout to those at Cranky Dorkfest, flashing a light at us from the tower to say hello. They also gave us a couple of hats to add to the swag bags from LAWA in the giveway.

I know for some, the giveaways were the highlights, and this year did not disappoint. Spirit came out with an army of yellow bags and sunglasses that quickly were seen dotting the crowd. They also gave away tickets and a model in the raffle. Alaska also showed up big, having people take quizzes in the crowd with winners getting Q400 safety cards. Oh, and did I mention they raffled off a pair of seats on the final Q400 flight early next year as well as a framed piece of Alaska’s famed bulkhead carpet? United came to play with a trip to the Denver flight training center which may — though it can’t be guaranteed — include some sim time.

American brought a limited edition model of the Flagship Valor aircraft while Southwest had an enormous Louisiana One model along with a whole bunch of now-discontinued sunglasses alongside pens and gift cards. Delta also joined the model game. There were free tickets from Avelo and JetBlue along with a ton of miles from Breeze and Hawaiian in the mix. We had subscriptions to Flightradar24, JetTip.net, and The Air Current. And Boom came out with a couple of swag-filled backpacks, including a lego-style model of the XB-1 in each.

It was a great day, and if you missed it, don’t make that same mistake next year. I’ll be working with the NYCAviation team to once again have Cranky Dorkfest the same weekend as their SpotLAX event. We’ll have dates hopefully by the end of the year. The earlier we can try and set the dates, the easier we know it is for you to make it. Once again, thank you to everyone for making this such a great day.

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16 comments on “Thank You for Another Successful Cranky Dorkfest

  1. „There was plenty of speculation on that one, but I think my favorite was that the captain got offered a mainline job right on takeoff and didn’t want to wait.“

    This made my day :) :) :)

  2. Hold on to one of those Lego Boom XB1s, that’s as close as that thing is ever going to get to flying!

      1. Bill – Nope, we just assumed there was a gust, he didn’t look completely stable on landing, so he probably just wanted to be safe. But that was a very late decision. We did see a lot of go-arounds over at the Proud Bird, I think 3 or 4. But those were much earlier.

  3. So cool attending my first Dorkfest and meeting my fellow avgeeks. I loved the tower shoutout, the ANZ missed approach and when people cheered on the second attempt. Oh, and the Emirates A380 that came in shortly after. And the wearer was perfect. Can’t wait to do it again sometime.

  4. The problem with that LEGO model of the Boom XB-1 is it’s incomplete because LEGO hasn’t found anyone yet to make the engine part…

    Thank you. I’m here all week…

  5. Cranky Dorkfests may be the one thing that could get me to Los Angeles in these times…they sound like so much fun for us avgeeks!

  6. Feel free to delete this comment. The “on” in the fourth sentence should be “one.”

    Loved your article and The Points Guy take on the event.

      1. Wow, I’m surprised that Cranky didn’t mention the ATC shoutout and light gun salute.

        I keep meaning to attend this event, but I’m on the opposite corner of the country and not THAT much of an avgeek (sigh). One of these days…

        1. I did mention it. ” As we were listening to the ATC feed, we heard a controller giving a shoutout to those at Cranky Dorkfest, flashing a light at us from the tower to say hello.”

          1. Apologies, Cranky. My mistake for reading too quickly and overlooking it, guess the coffee hadn’t ticked in yet.

            That is very, very cool to get such a shoutout from ATC.

            I know it’s mentioned near the top your article, but I’m impressed that LAWA (not just the airlines) has really embraced and supported the event as well… Good to see airports embracing avgeeks as part of the community, and the idea to actually give away a piece of the airport (the airfield light) was an awesome, awesome idea by someone over at LAWA, among many other unique gifts.

  7. Thanks for another great year of Dorkfest. I convinced my husband and a good aviation enthusiast friend to come with me and they had a great time. We really appreciate you organizing this — I can’t fathom how much it takes to put this on, but know that this #AvGeek loves going and appreciates you and your team. (And thanks again for the Southwest Louisiana One model, which I won in the raffle — it is going into my office, now that I’m going back to my office.)

  8. I just found all this, a bit late I know but after watching the AVL stream in It’s entirety from Sydney Australia of Cranky Dorkfest
    I was gobsmacked, thank you Brett for a great fest.

    I was worth the 3.00am out of bed moment, and we are looking into flying into next years event at LAX.

    QANTAS please lower the airfares from Australia !!!!!!!

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