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Happy Dorkfest Day! Looking forward to seeing many of you later today.

Holiday airfare will be most expensive in 5 years as pandemic fears waneCNBC
Looking ahead to the holidays and… SURPRISE… it’s expensive.

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3 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Holiday Airfares

  1. A 22% increase over 2019? Maybe if you are going to someplace cold and not ski related. South Florida is double what we paid last year, close to 3 the 2019 price. My National corporate rate and Executive Elite status is going to come in handy, ‘cuz it looks like we’re driving this year. I just can’t justify the cost to fly this year.

    1. Me too. Chicago to LAX over the holidays is almost exactly double what I paid for the same period last year.

  2. My six TATL flights (DTW-LHR) have ranged between $1100 and $2400 this year, all in economy, all bought weeks/months in advance. I looked at seeing friends on the West Coast for Thanksgiving and am seeing $1000 fares already. This is it, from now on, isn’t it? The airlines have seen we’ll pay whatever they charge. It’s depressing.

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