Cranky on the Web: Schedule Changes, Refunds, Stranded Passengers

Cranky on the Web

The operation plays a critical role in the schedule that we flyAmerican Airlines Tell Me Why
American has its regular show talking about different parts of the company. A recent episode talked about how schedules are set, and they cited my article as being a good explanation of how schedules work. I just wanted to clarify here that I didn’t coordinate with them or have any discussions about this. I apparently just got it right when I wrote it up.

Proposed rule change could make it easier to get airline ticket refundsConsumerAffairs
There’s a lot of interest in these new DOT proposed rules, but there’s just not much there there yet. I connected with the author of this piece, and ultimately he just used a quote from my article.

Airlines promise the U.S. government they’ll feed and house stranded passengersKNX In Depth
I went back on with KNX to talk about the non-news that airlines will give lodging and meal vouchers to delayed passengers… who were generally already getting those things. We’ll see how hard the feds comes down on the airlines. Enforcement is what really makes a difference.

3 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Schedule Changes, Refunds, Stranded Passengers

  1. Congratulations on the article. I just listened to the podcast, and it was full of double-talk. AA isn’t to blame for changes/cancellations, we’re doing a great job, our systems can’t don this yet, blah blah blah. AA can’t take responsibility for their incompetence

  2. Given that you’ve been doing this site for over 10 years, does it still feel surreal at this point being cited as a source by industry figures and by news reports? Like, back when you started blogging on the site, did you ever imagine yourself that one day you’d be interviewing airline leaders, or being interviewed by news outlets to explain happenings in the airline industry?

    1. MK03 – I guess I don’t even really think about it, which seems kind of strange, I know. It’s just part of the day, the regular job. I like talking to reporters, especially since those who actually know about the industry are fewer and further between as time goes on. Anything I can do to help them understand this goofy industry seems like a good thing to me.

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