Cranky on the Web: Fall Cuts, More Delays, Boom Time

Cranky on the Web

Fall flight cuts reflect new normal for passengersABC News
I spent a fair bit of time trying to explain that these fall cuts were nothing major or surprising. Airlines have placeholder schedules that they cut down closer to departure, as I talked about here recently Somehow, my quote got all twisted around and makes no sense.

AvTalk Episode 178: Behold the AmeriBoom!AvTalk from Flightradar24
I got to hang out with Ian and Jason, two of my favorites, to talk about American and Boom.

Airlines delayed more than 8,000 flights in a stormy start to the weekThe Washington Post ($ubscription Required)
It was an ugly start to the week with some nasty weather snarling flights. I talked a bit with this journalist about Newark and other troubles.

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