A New Cranky Talk is Live – JetBlue Gets Hostile With Spirit

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Cranky Talk – JetBlue Gets Hostile With Spirit

First Spirit agreed to merge with Frontier, then JetBlue swooped in with an offer. Then Spirit said that offer wasn’t better than Frontier’s, and now JetBlue is back with a hostile bid to try to get the shareholders to back the airline. Spirit has reiterated that it thinks this is not a good deal. JetBlue says Spirit sucks for saying that.

How could we NOT talk about this drama? It doesn’t get more fun than this. I still don’t understand JetBlue’s rationale at all, but well, you’ve seen me write about this already. Now you can hear me talk to Dave about it.

Email Dave here and ask him why we’re skipping the next episode for his wedding even though his fans should always come first.

Download Cranky Talk here or listen below.

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3 comments on “A New Cranky Talk is Live – JetBlue Gets Hostile With Spirit

  1. I remember a story of a NYC based airline cloaked in blue that overpaid for a yellow South Florida carrier. It didn’t end well.

    Kind of surprised they didn’t make a play for F9. Gives them a beach head in DEN and modest footprints in Chicagoland & LAS while fortifying Florida.

    1. Funny, I was just reading the “Skygods” book this weekend, and noted the parallels to the current battle over Spirit. Even the concept of “let’s increase Team Orange’s wages to Team Blue’s payscale to avoid labor strife” is similar to the proposals being thrown around these days.

      Also worth noting that Frank Lorenzo may have “lost” the merger bid, but made a nice profit on his initial investment, as the price was bid up by several other airlines.

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