Mark Your Calendars: Cranky Dorkfest is September 17

Cranky Dorkfest

I regularly get questions about when Cranky Dorkfest will be each year, and it seems like I start getting them about one day after the last one ends. Well, now you need wait no longer for an answer, because the date has been set.

Cranky Dorkfest 2022 will be on Saturday, September 17

For those who haven’t been before, you are truly missing out. A bunch of us get together and watch airplanes at LAX. That’s it. Oh, ok, that’s not entirely it. Airlines also tend to like to throw in some giveaway items, including last year’s sweet, sweet Southwest 727 and United Boom models. Here’s what it was like last year.

  • What: Cranky Dorkfest 2022
  • When: Saturday, September 17, 2022 from 11am to 1pm PT
  • Where: The park across from the In-N-Out at LAX
  • Who: All are welcome, and there is no cost
  • Why: Because you like watching airplanes and talking shop with fellow airline dorks
  • How: I mean, usually on an airplane, but you can drive, take a long walk, ride on a pegasus… up to you

Once again, NYC Aviation will be holding its SpotLAX event the same weekend, so there will be no excuse for you not showing up.

Before the pandemic, I had also done a couple other events including an airfield tour and dinner in the terminals. Will it come back this year? I have no idea. As usual, pandemic rules will apply until regulators decide to open things up more freely. Once it gets closer, I’ll let you know. But for now, mark your calendars to join us all for a fun-filled weekend of burgers and airplanes.

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16 comments on “Mark Your Calendars: Cranky Dorkfest is September 17

  1. Very exciting! Just priced tickets, a bit high but Southwest and Spirit don’t have that weekend on sale yet so it should come down.

    Anyone have any suggestions for a good place to stay near LAX that won’t break the bank?

      1. Heh…I wish!

        If money was no object I’d stay at the Chateau Marmont, Anthony Bourdain’s favourite hotel in the world. It’d be appropriate, too, since In-N-Out was his favourite fast food place. I miss the guy.

        My tastes say “opulence!” while my wallet screams “hostel!”

    1. I agree that hotel prices seem higher that typical compared to prior years. For now I have a reservation at the Hyatt Regency LAX (closest hotel to the In-N-Out?) using points, but I plan to check prices regularly between now and then.

    2. Cblock2 – Hopefully prices will come down, but I know that NYC Aviation will often get a group rate at the H Hotel which is a great spot, so keep an eye out for them to announce that.

      1. Thanks! Just checked that out, nice place and great location! I’ll keep an eye on the NYC Aviation website.

  2. I am pretty sure I can help with the microphone situation this year. Wife and I are considering driving down for a solid week :D

    1. I’m not sure about flying both ways on Saturday, but a few years ago I flew JFK-LAX on Friday night and left directly from Dorkfest back to LAX to catch my flight home. If you think you can function well enough to enjoy Dorkfest after a 6+ hour flight, then go for it, but I would recommend flying in the night before if you can.

      1. The flight out won’t really bother me, as long as I can get a decent seat for the flight home, whether it be a redeye or a late afternoon departure. My one thing is that I’d want to shower and change before the flight home. Maybe I’ll just fly back early sunday.

  3. This #avgeek really wants to make it out from Kansas for this one year. Hopefully this will be the one!

  4. FYI Brett. Apparently there’s a group planning to host an “Airliner Trade Show” (collectibles show) the Saturday of Dorkfest somewhere in the Greater LA area. Hoping they reach out to you. I trust the source of where I got this info. Will keep you updated when I find out more.

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