A New Cranky Talk is Live – Airline MELTDOWNS


Cranky Talk – Airline MELTDOWNS

It’s the hot topic these days… will my airline have a meltdown while I’m flying? Normally that’s a silly question, but this year’s choppy recovery has led to a whole lot more trouble than travelers should ever be forced to endure.

Dave and I dive into the meltdowns and talk about what’s behind them this week. You’ll definitely want to listen in, because you’ll have to wait an extra couple weeks for the next episode… we’re taking a Thanksgiving break.

Email Dave here and tell him all your meltdown stories. He really cares.

Download Cranky Talk here or listen below.

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5 comments on “A New Cranky Talk is Live – Airline MELTDOWNS

  1. Perhaps it’s just me, but the volume on these podcasts seems very low, not just in this episode but in every episode. I have decent hearing, but even with my volume turned all the way up (and with only moderate ambient noise), I have to strain to hear the podcast, and often miss a few words.

    Otherwise, I enjoy the banter and the podcast, and Dave and Brett are good foils to each other.

    1. Kilroy – Where are you listening to this? It seems loud to me, but maybe it’s not loading properly in all places where people listen.

  2. I generally listen to the podcast directly from the player embedded on posts like this one, playing it through either my computer’s speakers or my headphones.

    I haven’t experienced similar issues with other audio sources, but then I don’t really follow any other podcasts, so it may just be me.

    1. Kilroy – That is so strange. When I click in the post, it’s really loud.
      If we can figure something out, we will try our best, but I’m not sure there’s a solution.

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