Cranky on the Web: New Routes, Icelandair’s Clone, and the Cost of Handling A380s

Cranky on the Web

New Nonstop Flights To Make Your Travels Easier in 2022
It’s time for my annual look at interesting new international routes launching next year. This is, of course, a work in progress as airlines continue to reveal their plans.

Icelandair of the Pacific? That’s the hope of Northern Pacific AirwaysTravel Weekly
I continue to be skeptical on Northern Pacific’s success.

Four years after Massport spent millions to accommodate A380s, the gigantic planes don’t fly here — and might not ever againBoston Globe
Considering how much Logan put into preparing the airport for the A380, this is a good article looking at the value of such a move as the A380 sunsets.

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1 comment on “Cranky on the Web: New Routes, Icelandair’s Clone, and the Cost of Handling A380s

  1. Probably would take a lot of research but would be very interesting to see the amount of investment put into facilities upgrades to handle the A380 at A380 “spoke” airports and who paid for those. How many airports will have 90% of their lifetime A380 service be provided by Emirates? EK has ~50% of the total deliveries of the plane. A nice little benefit to EK; would be nice if they paid properly for those upgrades.

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