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I’m going to take a little road trip for a vacation next week since all my other vacation plans this month were foiled by COVID. My current plan is to post the usual Skeds of air Lines post Monday, and then I will be off until the following Monday.

As the Delta Variant Spreads, the Best Travel Advice Is Having a Plan B VacationThe Wall Street Journal
People are getting more anxious about booking travel now and others are canceling. As I mentioned earlier this week, much of this is the fault of the government and the airlines for their confusing and overly cautious rules. United told this reporter that they were following CDC guidance, but they are not. It’s very frustrating to see this.

Demand for air travel flatlines amid delta variant surgeABC News
This is the big news story right now for obvious reasons. Southwest saying that it is cutting back estimates is certainly a warning sign. But I do think that international will be hit harder.

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6 comments on “Cranky on the Web: What Will Happen to Travel

  1. Hey Cranky, Did AA just take down all European flying out of PHL, except for LHR, for the the winter 2021/2022 schedule? I’m scheduled to fly home from Europe on the 19th of NOV with AA from MAD to PHL and now they’ve rebooked me over MIA which of course is nonsensical. After checking, the only transatlantic flights I see are LHR, for which they’ve changed the timing. Could this be the dreaded PHL pulldown I’ve been fearing?

    1. No, it’s more complicated than that. I cover this is more detail in tomorrow’s posy. It’s about lack of airplanes.

      1. They also did a number on my tus-dfw-fra and cdg-dfw-tus. For the moment it’s turned into tus-dfw-clt-fra and cdg-jfk-phx. It will be interesting to read your blog tomorrow.

        Enjoy your week off!

  2. Plan B is always necessary. So is C to ZZZ.
    Those that think we can’t work our way through this covid era might want to watch HBO’s Oslo, the story of the Peace Accords. Covid is deadly serious but so are so many challenges we have faced as fellow humans. We can do this. Together. And come out stronger.

  3. When you have both a Plan A and a Plan B, one eventually gets canceled. I suspect that some of the apparent slackening demand comes from that. Certainly, downtown Cincinnati’s hotel occupancy figures for next weekend took a four room-night hit when I chose which of two hotels to cancel based on how well they seem to be functioning in the current enviroment.

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