Correction: Avelo’s Operational Performance Was Not Bad

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What’s this? A special Friday evening post? That’s right, and it’s because that chart I posted earlier today showing Avelo’s on-time performance was not right. I want to make sure to set the record straight that Avelo is not running an operation anywhere near as poor as it appeared.

The original data from Flightradar24 had a glitch when it was provided to me. It was mostly in local time… but not entirely so. That jumbling of time zones meant that the data showed far more significant delays than it should have shown. Of course, some of this was a guess anyway since I only had wheels-up to wheels-down times and not gate-to-gate, as I mentioned in the earlier post.

Avelo saw this, and was very quick to refute the data. I was given their internal operational information directly just a few minutes ago, and now you can see it for yourself.

Avelo Arrivals Within 14 Minutes of Schedule, June 2021

Data provided by Avelo Airlines

Other than June 20, which looked like a very bad day, performance hasn’t been awful. Here are some more operational facts provided by Avelo.

  • For the month of June, 58 percent of flights arrived exactly on-time or earlier, 81 percent arrived within 14 minutes of schedule, and 95 percent arrived within 1 hour of schedule.
  • Each day had 14 flights scheduled for a total of 420, and there was only one cancellation the whole month. It was on June 20, as you might expect.
  • Only 1 flight arrived between midnight and 5am. That was on that awful June 20 date off the canceled flight when they ferried the airplane back, arriving at 1:18am on the 21st.

I hate when I post things wrong, but sometimes it’s tough to avoid. All I can do is set the record straight. So, my apologies to Avelo.

Happy 4th of July to all American readers. I’ll be back on Tuesday with my next regular post.

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5 comments on “Correction: Avelo’s Operational Performance Was Not Bad

  1. Thank you for committing journalism. Which, as a journalist myself, includes acknowledging when you (bleep) up…we all do because we’re humans…and issuing a correction.

  2. Cranky, kudos to you for owning this mistake. It gives your work much more credibility when we know that if you make a mistake, you’ll acknowledge it without making excuses and correct the record.

  3. Great post, kudos to you for your speedy correction and to Avelo for running a pretty decent nascent operation.

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