Announcing The Cranky Network Award First Five Category Nominees


We are only TWO weeks away from the first Cranky Network Awards on March 24 at 5pm PT/8pm ET! This week, Courtney Miller from Visual Approach Analytics and I are proud to announce the nominees for the first five categories that we will be awarding that evening during the YouTube Premiere broadcast. We’ve even created a fancy new image.

These five categories were hand-picked by us both to entertain and keep you in suspense. Who will win? Only two more weeks until you find out. Watch the short video below to see the nominees.

Sexiest New Route – Long-Haul

  • Los Angeles – Christchurch on American
  • Calgary – Rome on WestJet
  • Toronto – Doha on Air Canada
  • San Francisco – Rome on Alitalia
  • Newark – Johannesburg on United
  • Honolulu – Austin on Hawaiian

Sexiest New Route – Short-Haul

  • Long Beach – Kahului (Maui) on Hawaiian
  • Fort Lauderdale – Palm Springs on JetBlue
  • Jackson Hole – San Diego on Alaska
  • Jackson (MS) – Houston/Hobby on Southwest
  • Dallas/Fort Worth – Loreto on American
  • New York/JFK – Los Angeles on United

Stretch Award

  • Fort Lauderdale – Palm Springs on JetBlue
  • Seattle – Bangalore on American
  • Los Angeles – Fort Myers on Alaska
  • Honolulu – Orlando on Hawaiian
  • Los Angeles – Charleston and Richmond on JetBlue

Network Victory Award

Similar to a “lifetime achievement” type of award, this does not have nominees. This year’s honoree is United Airlines for its Newark to Cape Town flight. We will talk much more about this in the ceremony.

Firestarter Award

  • JetBlue for JetBlue vs. American in Miami
  • Delta for Delta vs. American in Latin America
  • JetBlue for JetBlue vs. Long Beach
  • Southwest for Southwest vs. Hawaiian in Interisland
  • Delta and WestJet for Delta and WestJet vs. the United States

Are we creating more intrigue with these nominees? Hopefully so, but you’ll have to wait to learn more about these categories until March 24 at 5pm PT/8pm ET. That, by the way, is also 2pm HST, 4pm AKDT, 5pm MST, 6pm MDT, 7pm CDT, midnight GMT, and 8:30am PYT, which is, in case you were unaware, Pyongyang Time.

In our next video, we will announce the final five award category. And the week after that, it’ll be showtime.

Please mark your calendars for March 24 and be ready to join us for a live chat during the ceremony. (Since it’s pre-recorded, we can actually chat with you.) And then, next year… the goal is to do it in person in Southern California along with our presenting sponsor, Ontario International Airport.

We hope you can join us!

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7 comments on “Announcing The Cranky Network Award First Five Category Nominees

  1. I love the video and this whole thing is just awesome. I bet it takes a lot of time to do something like this and I appreciate it!

    Will an independent auditor be involved to keep the winner envelopes safe? :)

      1. Glad to you know spent the big bucks for the best “criminal” defense/audit firm you can find. Gotta make sure Alitalia doesn’t get cheated out of one of the awards that it rightfully earns. :-)

        I love the PYT time reference as well, by the way. Perhaps Best Korea’s Best Airline Ever will even get a special shoutout during the ceremony.

  2. Can’t wait to see the rest of the nominees!

    One question on the “new route” nominees: was that routes announced in 2020, or routes actually started? If it was routes announced, I’d think WN would be nominated for finally discovering Fresno actually exists (hey, FAT is sexier than Jackson, MS.)

    1. Those were routes that were announced in 2020, but this year we included routes that were announced in 2019 that were supposed to start in 2020 but didn’t. Normally it’ll be what’s announced during the year.

    1. EWR itself may not be sexy, but any route that takes people ~8,000 miles away from New Jersey is “sexy” in my book. :-)

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