Cranky on the Web: The 737 MAX Flies Domestically Again

Cranky on the Web

Boeing 737 Max Jet Returns to Skies With First Commercial Flight on American AirlinesCheddar
Cheddar had me on to talk about the MAX on the day it first flew again for American Airlines after the two year grounding.

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5 comments on “Cranky on the Web: The 737 MAX Flies Domestically Again

  1. Cranky:

    I am a United 1K (2 million miler).

    I definitely want to fly the max (new aircraft type) as soon as United gets them back in the air and will have no problem whatsoever reserving a seat and flying in it.

    The max flying again is maybe a sign that normalcy in the airline industry is returning in 2021!

    We can only hope!!

    I hope you and your family as well as all the commentators on this board will have a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!!

  2. Was expecting more crankiness there, especially on the free schedule changes this new plane offers and the slow pace of return to the skies by US airlines …

  3. Any site that gives itself a dumb name, in this case, after cheese (which I just cut BTW after seeing this headline), has zero credibility based on that alone.

  4. Cranky, watching your interview with Cheddar was about six minutes well-spent. You gave very forthright, understandable & direct answers to the interviewer’s questions. (Which means that you have NO future in politics!)

    Seriously, I am glad that the American flights went flawlessly & I would love to fly on one myself. Like you said, it will be awhile before all of the MAXs parked now get upgraded & back to flying lines daily. Time will tell.

    Happy New Year!

    1. SkyVoice – You aren’t kidding. I have ZERO future in politics. I have a nasty habit of saying what I think and having an ethical compass. That immediately disqualifies me.

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