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Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hopefully you’re stuffing yourself full of turkey — or mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, my personal favorite — and not just crying alone in front of Netflix. If you’re tired of staring at a Zoom call with your far-flung family, take a break and start thinking about the next holiday you get to spend on Zoom with them. We have new winter Cranky Gear available for your purchasing pleasure. We’ve also reorganized the Cranky Gear website to make it easier to find what you want.


T-shirts are great, and you’ll still find plenty of them on the website, but it’s getting colder and hoodies are essential for the winter. I personally bought the Honolulu one to make sure the quality was good. I can now confirm that these are super comfortable. They come both in black and an indigo heather which is what I went for. Here’s the black one.

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Christmas Ornaments

If you can’t do much outside your house, you’re probably thinking about making your house full of holiday cheer, or something like that. If you’re big on Christmas trees, well, here are some ornaments to help remind you of the days when you actually went to airports.

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Maybe you don’t like holiday decorations, or maybe you just don’t celebrate. Fair enough. But if you’re reading this, you probably do love airports and flying or you know someone who does. For that reason, we’ve put together posters in three sizes: 8×10, 16×20, and 24×36. You’ll get to choose whether you want white on black or black on white. (For the old TWA terminal at JFK, we did a white on red too, because, well, you know why.)

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Search by Airport

We’ve created these new products for the top 12 airports based on previous purchases, and now you can search for all the products for those airports via these links or by filtering on the main Cranky Gear page.

We Take Requests

As you may remember from last time, we will gladly put your airport on one of these products. You just have to tell us what you’d like. Email and tell us what airport you want on what product, and we’ll put it together so you can buy it.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and thanks for supporting Cranky during these times.

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    1. Jim – No, but as mentioned, we can make anything people request. If you want a Vegas hoodie, let me know if you prefer the black or heather.

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