Cranky on the Web: American to Cut Cities, Ontario Sees Growth

Cranky on the Web

American considering cutting flights to many smaller citiesAssociated Press
American was smart to telegraph that it will likely cut cities if government funding doesn’t get extended. It’s true, but the placing of this story, originally with CNBC, helps remind the feds that they need to decide one way or the other pretty quickly here or cuts will go into motion.

Ontario airport adding flights to major US citiesDaily Bulletin
Ontario has done well compared to the other airports around California. I spoke with a local reporter about it.

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15 comments on “Cranky on the Web: American to Cut Cities, Ontario Sees Growth

  1. We’ve already had cities dropped by carriers under exceptions granted under the CARES act. If you think AA is the only one that will drop marginal regional cities after the end of September, you are deluding yourself.

    1. That’s why Brett specifically said in his quote that it is going to happen at all network carriers

        1. Eric – United only announced a couple tiny routes. One to Cheyenne is EAS-funded by the government. Tallahassee is actually somewhat surprising United didn’t already serve, but there are so many airports in the panhandle, it’s usually a matter of picking the one or two that you want.
          But hey, it’s Florida, lots of people wanting to go there. I think it’s a safe bet that United will also be pulling down some service if there isn’t more federal funding.

          1. CO flew IAH-TLH for several years, doesn’t seem like a real game changer. AA has DFW service for those looking to streamline their West coast trips.

            However, most of TLH connects in ATL and that probably won’t change anytime soon, with or without this flight.

            Regardless it seems like it’s not worth opening a station over so you have to wonder if UA has more planned there.

  2. Brett

    Re: Ontario, shouldn’t that be the place where Jetblue ought to have moved its Long Beach operation?

    I mean, it’s got the space to grow, the management is by all accounts supportive, it’s less crowded than LAX and it’s just as good for downtown LA. They could actually develop a proper focus city there in a way that’s just not possible in LAX.

    1. LAX is the region’s premier airport that provides connections nationwide and worldwide. No one wants to schlep out to Ontario. If they want to compete with the big boys, they need to be in LAX.

    2. londonfred – I would have thought the same. It’s not a matter of being close to downtown LA. The big money is still west of there. Ontario has its own catchment area, but at least it would give JetBlue something it could lead, even if the demographics aren’t as good. At LAX, JetBlue is at the back of the pack.

      1. Perhaps, but if you are in L A, why schlep all the way to Ontario if LAX has flights to most places people want to go? also B6 could forge partnerships with other carriers that wouldn’t be possible if they set up shop elsewhere.

  3. The US doesn’t need 3 global carriers serving every small city in the US plus regional presence by AS and/or the ULCCs.
    More federal help isn’t coming because Congress is so dysfunctional that they can’t come up w/ any legislation that helps real America.

    1. Actually, Congress is only part of the disfunction. The Administration plays a co-equal part to say the least.

      1. The administration is the least of it & that’s by design. The over all goal was to destroy the administrative state.

    1. David – I don’t. I just assume it’ll be smaller to mid-size airports that have more of a business focus and less of a leisure one. My own backyard, Long Beach, would seem to be one that could be on the chopping block.

  4. My last big business trip in late Feb was to Ontario and, due to cost, I had to fly from ORD -> LAX (ONT was more that 2x the cost). All went perfectly well, I landed on a late Sunday afternoon, got my car without a delay and headed off. Even knowing the area well and hitting very little traffic, it was a solid 90 minutes to get to Rancho Cucamonga (right by ONT). While I didn’t mind the ride and even enjoyed a visit to the In-N-Out Baldwin Park campus, most people would not feel that way at all. And, on the way back, I overnighted by LAX after having left the office allowing at least 3 hours for the commute (as directed by the locals).

    No way you’re going to attract people away from LAX with this kind of commute. Only people from the Inland Empire and that’s not enough for JetBlue to build a west coast hub on.

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